4 Ways to Make Your Water Taste Better

Water is essential to a healthy life, yet by the third glass of the day it might start to feel like you're just gulping air. The truth is, water can be painfully boring. Even Jesus turned his water into wine.

You can only take so much before you start to scan the refrigerator for something sweeter, creamery, or maybe a bit stronger. Although non-water beverages like soda or lemonade still count toward your fluid needs, these are full of artificial sweeteners and empty calories. If feeling great and staying healthy is your goal, then you’ll want to stay away from these types of drinks.

The benefits of water are clear. Staying properly hydrated is a matter of avoiding dehydration to feel your best each and every day. To make this goal easier and a lot more tasty, we’ve put together a few ideas to keep your water fancy.  So grab your custom water bottle and let’s get to flavoring!

Soak up the flavor.

Infusing your water with fruity flavors sounds like more work than it actually is.

To infuse is just a sophisticated way of saying to soak something in a liquid to extract the flavor of that thing. Surely Julie Andrews spends her pastime infusing her water and she's as sophisticated as they come.

So if you were picturing hours spent in the kitchen with sweat on your brow infusing water with magical rare ingredients, think again.

Infusing your water is as simple as 1, 2, 3! First, grab your water bottle with your favorite logo on it or that fruit infuser water bottle your boss gave to you last Christmas and fill it with fresh water. Next, pick your favorite fruits of the season. Lastly,  toss the fruit into the water. And voilá!

To get the most flavor out of the fruit and into the water, prepare your concoction in the evening to be nice and fruity the next day. The rule is simple, the longer it sits, the more infused your water will get!

Fruity ice cubes.

When your water needs a boost, throw in some fruity ice cubes and transport yourself to the warm beaches of Cabo. You know, that place where you get to lounge by the ocean and responsibilities don't exist.

Even if it's just for a moment, this little addition to your day gives you the vacation you need and probably deserve.  

How are we just now learning about this fancy little trick now? I bet Rachel Ray does this on the daily. Maybe this is the key to an energized and joy-filled day?

All you need are separate ice trays and a creative imagination to make that reusable water bottle feel like the very first time. Select your favorite all-natural juices to just pour into your ice trays to freeze.

Another way to achieve award-winning water is to just use small frozen fruits like berries or bits of cut-up pineapple! This option takes less time and less clean- up. That's a double win if you ask me.

It's a water cocktail.

With this tip, you can still be a part of the party and stay on track with your health goals!

All you need are your choice of berries, sparkling water, a muddler, and some spunk. Toss your berries to the bottom of your glass, muddle the berries to release all that juicy sweet flavor. Pour in your sparkling water, add a handful of ice and stir.

To take this drink to the next level, let’s look at our last tip!

Spice it up!

One of the best ways to ensure your water (and food) bursts with flavor is to always have fresh herbs handy. Mint and basil leaves go best with water concoctions in my opinion, but feel free to get innovative here!

Just remember a little goes a long way here.

Like our water cocktail mentioned earlier, consider adding a dash of fresh mint and maybe even a squeeze of a lime. And suddenly, your Tuesday just got the upgrade it needed.

And there you have it…

Staying hydrated doesn’t have to be boring. Just give that reusable water bottle a nice wash and change up the menu on a daily basis. So channel your most sophisticated inner chef and let those creative juices flow!