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Promotional Giveaways

Looking for a HUGE selection of promotional tradeshow giveaways with great prices & service? Customize at USImprints for free art prep & fast delivery!


Featured Promotional Giveaways

Ozone Economy Ballpoint Pen


Ozone Economy Ballpoint Pen ID: 10984915

As low as $0.13

Archer 2 Economy Click Pen


Archer 2 Economy Click Pen ID: 10951991

As low as $0.24

Krypton Pen


Krypton Pen ID: 10952243

As low as $0.27

Equinox Translucent Wide Barrel Pen


Equinox Translucent Wide Barrel Pen ID: 10952125

As low as $0.31

Hedgehog Metallic-Tone Promo Pen


Hedgehog Metallic-Tone Promo Pen ID: 10952207

As low as $0.35

Gill - Retractable Ballpoint Pen, 5 3/8"


Gill - Retractable Ballpoint Pen, 5 3/8" ID: 8285294

As low as $0.36

Round - Soft Key Tag


Round - Soft Key Tag ID: 8136173

As low as $0.37

Saddle - Shaped Key Tag


Saddle - Shaped Key Tag ID: 8145904

As low as $0.372

Bic Clic Stic Pen


Bic Clic Stic Pen ID: 8417779

As low as $0.43

25 Sheets - Adhesive Notepad, 3" X 3". Always In Stock


25 Sheets - Adhesive Notepad, 3" X 3". Always In Stock ID: 8560069

As low as $0.48

Oval Shaped Cutter, 3" W X 3" H


Oval Shaped Cutter, 3" W X 3" H ID: 8136371

As low as $0.49

Mini Flyer - Five Inch Miniature Flying Disc


Mini Flyer - Five Inch Miniature Flying Disc ID: 8264361

As low as $0.49

Plastic Letter Opener With Stainless Steel Blade


Plastic Letter Opener With Stainless Steel Blade ID: 8284589

As low as $0.51

Carabiner, 6mm, With Split Key Ring


Carabiner, 6mm, With Split Key Ring ID: 8284599

As low as $0.54

25 Sheets - Adhesive Notepad, 4" X 4". Always In Stock


25 Sheets - Adhesive Notepad, 4" X 4". Always In Stock ID: 8560082

As low as $0.54

Collapsible Foam Insulated Beverage Holder


Collapsible Foam Insulated Beverage Holder ID: 8285698

As low as $0.55

Pocket Whistle Key Light With A Red Led Light


Pocket Whistle Key Light With A Red Led Light ID: 8286507

As low as $0.55

1 Sided Imprint - Can Cooler


1 Sided Imprint - Can Cooler ID: 8135881

As low as $0.56

Magnetic Memo Holder/clip


Magnetic Memo Holder/clip ID: 8284871

As low as $0.61

4" Bag Clip - Our Best Selling 4 Inch Chip Clip


4" Bag Clip - Our Best Selling 4 Inch Chip Clip ID: 8264075

As low as $0.64

Zing Ring - Light Weight Flying Ring, 9-5/8" Diameter


Zing Ring - Light Weight Flying Ring, 9-5/8" Diameter ID: 8265046

As low as $0.70

Promotional Giveaways and Custom Gifts: An Overview

It's probably no mistake that you've ended up on You are buying promotional products. Maybe your organization had a tradeshow coming up, maybe you want some branded gear just for the office and employees, or some other fun event. Shopping for fun, effective giveaways items can be an overwhelming process. From finding the right products for the occasion, to making sure everything looks just how you want it to, to getting the order on time, there are a lot of challenges, and that's why we're here to help.

Making a purchasing decision is enough trouble on its own. The sheer volume of promotional products to choose from is enough as it is. For instance, did you know we have over 2000 stress balls, temporary tattoos, and badges? If you're dead set on buying a stress ball, large selection is great, but also can be more to look through than anyone has time for (of course, if you have an idea, we recommend taking the search bar up top out for a spin).

There are so many giveaway ideas and promotional products that if you need any help finding the right item, go ahead and contact our branding experts in the chat box on the bottom right corner or by calling us at 866-604-6774

Here is an overview of the customizable giveaways we sell.

  • Badge Holders - Badge Holders are a straightforward giveaway, but perfect for the atmosphere a convention, expo, or conference brings. You're going to want to couple these with badges, badge retractors or lanyards. Most of the badge holders we imprint will cost you between $0.04 - $0.50 per badge.

    If you're looking for something nicer to go with your event or company, we sell a Vylon Badge Holder with Neck Cord starting at $2.01 per badge holder. It has pockets to carry two pens, has a large zippered pocket, business card pocket. It's a very big badge holder, meaning you have a relatively large imprint space, as well as a product with a lot of utility.

  • Badge Retractors - Just like badge holders, custom badge retractors are a basic, yet necessary giveaway. Unless you're Inspector Gadget (dun-duh-dun-duh-dun), you know what to expect with badge retractor, but we have over a dozen different designed to choose from, all of which can be custom imprinted. Badge retractors cost between $0.65 - $4.00 per badge depending on the product.

  • Badges - Badges come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, shape and size are the key attributes for a badge. Material, thickness, color, and laminate are some other key factors when shopping for custom badges. You can really stand out with a custom shaped badge such as this Acrylic Name Badge or this Custom Shape Pewter Name Badge. While on the more expensive end, most of our other promotional badges cost between $0.50 - $3.00 per badge. And that included your custom imprint!

  • Candy, Mints, and Snacks - Chocolates, gum, mints, bottled water, nuts, gift baskets, and many other products can all be packaged and imprinted to your custom needs. While candy isn't going to be as useful of a giveaway as something like a tote or fun as some promotional sunglasses, they are a thoughtful giveaway with a lot of sentiment attached. In most cases, promotional candy, mints, and snacks are great to package with other giveaways, or if you want to go the extra mile with your branding.

  • Flashlights - Share a little light with the world with promotional flashlights. Many of our custom flashlights are under $5. But if you're looking for some heavy duty branded flashlights, we've got you covered, too. This Zippo Flashlight includes a seat belt cutter and car window hammer. It's water and shock resistant, and is great for any outdoors or active organizations. Flashlights tend to be products that you never can have too many of in the home or in your car, which means flashlights are always a great choice for promotional giveaways.

  • Fun Giveaways - Sometimes you just need a product that just brings out the smiles. Fun giveaways are just that. Get silly and put your logo on a promotional squirt gun or you can even imprint on a rubber ducky. Beach balls, frisbees, sunglasses, take a look at our fun giveaways if you want some quick inspiration for a product peps things up.

  • Games & Toys - Much like our fun giveaways, promotional games and toys bring fun and excitement to your brand or event. We have an extensive catalog ranging from balloons, bouncy balls, beach balls, bobble heads, crayons and coloring books, frisbees, games, noisemakers, masks, stuffed animals, temporary tattoos, toys, yo-yo's, water guns, and even Dancing Robots. You can easily get lost in such a wide selection, so if promotional toys and games are what you're looking for, don't hesitate to talk to one of our branding experts or use the search bar at the top to narrow your ideas down.

  • Health and Wellness Giveaways - We have a collection of promotional health and fitness products all priced around $1. These include pedometers, lip balm, first aid kits, water bottles, and even pill boxes, all priced around $1 or less. Perfect for giveaways. If you're looking for more health and wellness products, take a look at our Health & Safety section for a much larger selection.

  • Home Products - The great thing about custom home products is that you're going to find plenty of products that will sit in high use areas of your recipients' homes. Many of these products are useful items that we don't think to buy on our own, such as bag clips, pot holders, or even less common utensils like Ice Cream Scoopers. We can't forget to mention personalized coasters, which are another very popular, highly used giveaway.

  • Jewelry - Charms, Necklaces, Bracelets and Wristbands are great if you want a fun giveaway (e.g., Mardi Gras Beads) or in the case of our more expensive charms and necklaces, if you want to give away something elegant and personal. You can't ignore the impact the Livestrong Bracelets had for the Livestrong brand in the early - mid 2000's. Debossed (or embossed) silicone wristbands are always a great giveaway choice for that very reason; especially for a younger or more active crowd.

    Since it is a highly subjective matter of taste and theme, it might be less usual to give away necklaces or charms outside of a cheap giveaway setting, but our more expensive custom charms and bracelets might be worth a look if you're looking for the right gift at a more personal gathering.

  • Lanyards - Our promotional lanyards are another very popular giveaway that pair up nicely with badges. With most being priced between $1-$3, these are a cheap promotional item with a large imprint area that circles the entire lanyard. A tradeshow or convention must-have, we have a variety of lanyards in different colors and styles.

  • Magnets - Magnets are a battle-tested, time-proven promotional giveaway. For the most part, magnets are a very inexpensive giveaway, but there are some higher end magnetic giveaways, such as magnetic picture frames. You can expect most promotional magnets to cost less than $2 per magnet, with the majority being under $1.

  • Stickers and Buttons - Custom stickers, buttons, decals, pins, and medallions are and always will be a widespread method or promotion. Think about it, when someone opts to wear a promotional button or ribbon, or place a sticker on their shirt or car, that is a person who conveys that they believe in whatever it is that sticker or button represents. Nobody is going to wear a pin that represents something they hate. Combine that with the fact that many of our thousands of products in this category cost pennies per item, and you have a giveaway that is great for any strong brand, organization, event, or cause. And if you're looking to simplify the process, we even sell several political campaign kits.

  • Stress Balls - Stress balls are easily one of the most popular promotional products we sell. In fact, they are one of the most varied products we sell. With over 1000 types of custom stress balls and stress relievers, it's easy to see why. They are a cheap giveaway item, small and unobtrusive, and can stick with someone for years and years.

    Stress balls are the masters of disguise. You can find stress balls to fit any theme, from animals to sports, healthcare and education, transportation, holiday themed, food shapes, and even stress balls designed as construction equipment. Looking for that stress ball shaped like a baby bottle? We've got one. Oh, and it holds memos, too. You might try to claim that we don't have stress balls shaped like the liberty bell, a nest egg, a yoga girl, a porta-potty, or even... prostate. We do. Still not convinced? Try searching or asking one of our branding specialists for any stress ball you can think of, and we can probably come close.

  • Table Skirts - While not typically a giveaway, table skirts are an item that is almost always present in a tradeshow or convention setting, which is one of the most common places to utilize giveaways. As this is a promotional product that says a lot about the presentation of your brand, you're probably not going to want to skirt on costs. An imprinted table skirt will cost you anywhere from $160 up to $355. Bad puns not included.

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