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Promotional Paperweights & Other Office Promo Products

Promotional paperweights not only accent your corporate image but can also be used practically in any office setting for the better use of space by your clients and colleagues. Desks with these promotional products will often highlight the organizational practices of your company as ordered and in charge, as well as inspiring others to do the same with their own professional and personal desktop responsibilities.


Promotional Paperweights

518 Products Found

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Blue - Gemstone Paperweight

Blue - Gemstone Paperweight ID: 12683189

As low as $15.15

Green - Gemstone Paperweight

Green - Gemstone Paperweight ID: 12683192

As low as $15.15

Pink - Gemstone Paperweight

Pink - Gemstone Paperweight ID: 12683190

As low as $15.15

Red - Gemstone Paperweight

Red - Gemstone Paperweight ID: 12683194

As low as $15.15

Teal - Gemstone Paperweight

Teal - Gemstone Paperweight ID: 12683193

As low as $15.15

Yellow - Gemstone Paperweight

Yellow - Gemstone Paperweight ID: 12683191

As low as $15.15

Gold Plated Brass Egg Shaped Paperweight

Gold Plated Brass Egg Shaped Paperweight ID: 11455454

As low as $15.16

Bulk - Oval Glass Paperweight. (bulk)

Bulk - Oval Glass Paperweight. (bulk) ID: 8434521

As low as $15.30

Standing Crystal Cube Paperweight

Standing Crystal Cube Paperweight ID: 10013347

As low as $15.58

 Oval Beveled Edge Paperweight

Oval Beveled Edge Paperweight ID: 11861914

As low as $15.74

Gift Box - Oval Glass Paperweight. (bulk)

Gift Box - Oval Glass Paperweight. (bulk) ID: 8434519

As low as $15.99

Round Diamond Crystal Paperweight

Round Diamond Crystal Paperweight ID: 10013310

As low as $16.08

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