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Nail Clippers

When thinking about what kind of promotional items your company wants to work with in order to achieve a higher level of visibility in your business community, custom nail clippers allow you to serve the individual needs of all the consumers who will make your business more profitable in the future. Your organization can stand for the highest degrees in personal hygiene as your signature business logo graces the surfaces of these promotional beauty products, readily available for anyone with a need to give their nails a cleaner cut. Whenever your business associates feel the need to take care of their nails or cuticles, they will have the promotional products to give the attention their hands need while providing a better image of the companies they represent. Ultimately, it is the hands making business possible, whether through a hand shake, signature on the dotted line or through the construction of professional projects of all kinds.

Nail Clippers

Promotional Nail Clippers

54 Products Found

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Large Nail Clippers

Large Nail Clippers ID: 10351381

As low as $1.98

Baby Nail Clippers

Baby Nail Clippers ID: 8341937

As low as $2.15

3" Steel Nail Clippers

3" Steel Nail Clippers ID: 9058292

As low as $2.76

Nail Clipper With Bottle Opener

Nail Clipper With Bottle Opener ID: 9185336

As low as $3.32

Nail Clipper Keyfob

Nail Clipper Keyfob ID: 9513173

As low as $5.102

Nail Clipper Keyfob

Nail Clipper Keyfob ID: 9306189

As low as $5.60

Nail Clipper Multi-tool

Nail Clipper Multi-tool ID: 5677085

As low as $10.75

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