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Discount prices on hundreds of custom Frisbees. We have all sorts of sizes, colors, and shapes of promotional Frisbees available for fast delivery. Check out our wholesale prices on personalized Frisbees today, a great promotional giveaway item.

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The USImprints Buying Guide for Promotional Frisbees

Did you know that the word Frisbee is an eponym like Kleenex or Band-aids? Even if flying disc isn’t as fun to say as frisbee, custom frisbees are an awesome giveaway if you need an inexpensive giveaway for a fun event with a lot of kids or something outdoors. Here are some of our favorite flyers.

This 9 inch flying disc is one of our best-sellers. There’s not surprises with this product, it’s a disc -- and it flies!

This disc is made in the USA, costs well under a dollar, and comes in comes in a full spectrum of colors-- 23 in fact! Also, the imprint area is huge.

There is also a digital imprint option for this disc, so if you are looking for a vibrant full-color imprint, give us a call. Another great 9 inch flying disc with a unique, fun design is the Confetti 9" Flyer

If you're looking for something that's a little more than just a flying disc, check out this 4 inch flying coaster!

Their small size makes them great for children or small pets. This flying coaster comes in 12 solid colors or 8 translucent colors. These color options can be coupled with a 1 color imprint of your artwork.

At 50 cents or less per frisbee, these fun coasters are a very inexpensive giveaway.

The Florida Flyer is another top seller and offers something a little different from its plastic counterparts. This is a nylon flying disc and folds to a quarter of it’s open size for easy storage and transport. You can only get a one color imprint on this disc, but it’s a great choice if you are looking for something inexpensive, and different from the standard plastic disc.

There are 15 different color or theme options, including a basketball, soccerball, baseball, or globe design, making this a great giveaway for Earth Day.

If you're looking for a similar product that also offers full color digital imprinting, take a look at this nylon flyer.

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