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Your company can give clients and colleagues the promotional items necessary to organize as well as revel in the professional and personal achievements resulting from their great organizational skills. In the office or in the home, custom paperweights are used for many purposes whether decorative or practical. In either of those cases, as promotional products, they stand out as eye-catching objects and conversation pieces for business executives either enjoying them in the home or using them to close important deals. These weighted objects promote any business as one with stability, resourcefulness and organization. Offices use promotional paperweights to secure important files, paperwork and generally endorse the business they conduct. Whatever uses your company finds for these popular promotional awards, you will be pleased to be able to endorse your professional image both internally and externally as creative and thoughtful in the same stroke.


Promotional Paperweights

525 Products Found

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Star Shaped Paperweight

Star Shaped Paperweight ID: 10013553

As low as $13.35

Jaffa (r) Collection - Oval Paperweight

Jaffa (r) Collection - Oval Paperweight ID: 12075336

As low as $13.55

 Silver Star Shape Paperweight

Silver Star Shape Paperweight ID: 8373028

As low as $14.066

Optical Crystal Globe Paperweight

Optical Crystal Globe Paperweight ID: 12142249

As low as $14.25

Clear Glass Globe Shape Paperweight, 3" Diameter

Clear Glass Globe Shape Paperweight, 3" Diameter ID: 10013804

As low as $14.40

Genuine Marble Apple Shape Paperweight

Genuine Marble Apple Shape Paperweight ID: 8750020

As low as $14.40

Gold Star Shape Paperweight

Gold Star Shape Paperweight ID: 8748865

As low as $14.40

Silver Star Shape Paperweight

Silver Star Shape Paperweight ID: 8748864

As low as $14.40

 Round Wide Bottom Paperweight

Round Wide Bottom Paperweight ID: 11861964

As low as $14.55

Blue - Gemstone Paperweight

Blue - Gemstone Paperweight ID: 12683189

As low as $15.15

Green - Gemstone Paperweight

Green - Gemstone Paperweight ID: 12683192

As low as $15.15

Pink - Gemstone Paperweight

Pink - Gemstone Paperweight ID: 12683190

As low as $15.15

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