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Promotional Fanny Packs

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Mini Fanny Pack Shaped Coin Pouch

Mini Fanny Pack Shaped Coin Pouch ID: 9259653

As low as $1.45

3-zippered Fanny Pack

3-zippered Fanny Pack ID: 10109264

As low as $4.52

Fanny Pack With Four Zipper Pockets

Fanny Pack With Four Zipper Pockets ID: 9260174

As low as $4.85

Liberty Bags - Fanny/waist Pack

Liberty Bags - Fanny/waist Pack ID: 9207936

As low as $6.55

Fanny Packs Are Back

When they first came onto the scene in the late 80's, fanny packs were all the rage. Like all fads, fanny packs only had a short run as king of the hill. One could argue that fanny packs ended up as one of the most notorious items from that era after they fell from fashionable grace. In fact, much like neon sunglasses, one could argue that the trend of making fun of the fanny pack's previous popularity is the engine that has fueled the return of the Buffalo pouch, belt pack, hip sack, bum bag, or one of the product's many other monikers.

Whatever your personal opinion might be, the fanny pack's revival is real, and proven to be a fun, trendy, and surprisingly useful giveaway choice. The cool thing about promotional fanny packs are that you are customizing a product that is going to be on display, front and center. On-the-go types and travelers are typical candidates to sport fanny packs, and given that context, you can expect these promo items to be worn throughout the course of an entire day.

Not only is this a giveaway that is likely to get a lot of use from your target audience, but is one that will give your logo a lot of extra visibility.

Custom Fanny Pack Styles and Types

There are many different different types of fanny packs. From the classic travel pouch style fanny pack, to something like the smaller, more durable runner's fanny pack (really cool!).  Many even come with bottle holders and cell phone pockets. You can keep it simple and stick to a basic customizable color layout, or go with a style that will stick out more, such as one of our camouflage offerings.

Another neat feature with some fanny packs is the ability to convert to a backpack or for the waist strap to double as a shoulder strap, this way people are not locked into the kangaroo style pouch system, as well as overcome any reluctance that giveaway recipients have of actually using their fanny packs. Of course, that typically isn't an obstacle these days, as many are eager to jump at the opportunity to sport some fashionable irony, but above all, it is just plain useful to be able to store important items, keys, cell phones, and so on in such a convenient, easy place to access.

Promotional Fanny Pack Giveaway Ideas

As with all marketing activities, never overlook the chance to be creative, while simultaneously being smart. For instance, if you are promoting health, or perhaps running an event to raise funds for diabetes research, a customized fanny pack would be a perfect solution given how convenient of an option for carrying important items like insulin. Any case where your target users are likely to have important belongings that are small and hard to keep track of are great opportunities for your logo and fanny pack to team up; not only building goodwill between your organization and your audience, but also improving people's lives.

The perfect gift can build a lot of sentimentality between individuals and your brand. This kind of brand building power is unmatched in pretty much every other form of advertising. These are always important factors to consider with your promotional opportunities. We're sure that you won't be disappointed with the result if you order custom fanny packs from us, but if you think your company would be better served with another product, we encourage you to browse the rest of our website. We literally have anything you could probably think of!

Perhaps more important than all else is that you find a product that you like and that your recipients will also like. Never underestimate the power of sentiment-- or fanny packs! Happy branding!

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