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10 Cheap Promotional Giveaways for Your Next Tradeshow

If your company or organization is planning to showcase your brand at a trade show, convention or large gathering we know that choosing the right promotional giveaway at the right price can be a difficult task.  Most promotional swag sites have thousands of options and it can be an overwhelming task to choose the perfect items that match your brand, at your budget, while meeting your marketing goals.

One of the biggest questions exhibitors may have when deciding how much to invest in giveaways is just what sort of impact will that investment of branded products have on attendees. Research shows awareness is high when a consumer receives swag. 71% of attendees remember the name of the company that gave them the giveaway, and another 76% responded with a favorable attitude towards that company.

The typical cost per impression of a promotional product is higher than almost any other form of advertising in America, closely followed by internet and spot radio ads.

No matter what your budget maybe, you can choose inexpensive promotional swag that does not have to break the bank.  Cheap prices do not have to mean and cheap return on your marketing investment.

Bags are the single best bang for your marketing buck. Custom bags create maximum exposure and success to showcase your logo.  Out of hundreds of categories you can choose from, and thousands of options in those specific categories, bags stand above any other giveaway. Plus who doesn’t want to see their logo big and bold with most bags having one of the largest imprint areas of any other giveaway.

Bags generate more impressions than any other promotional item, and are consistently ranked as one the favorite products consumers receive, hats and pens are next on the list.

Consumers in studies want practical and useful products! We have put together 10 of the best inexpensive giveaways for your next trade show that are inexpensive and will help get bigger traffic, and more potential customers to your booth.

52% of tradeshow attendees are more likely to come to a booth or exhibit that provides a giveaway or promotional item.

Source : Princeton Marketing

The Non-Woven Crosshatched Tote Bag is a perfect bag at a great price. It is one of our newer tote bags with a stylish design, and comes in a wide variety of colors. This bag is made out of a non-wvoen plastic type material that is durable and can hold plenty of items. Make your logo stand out with a large imprint area. It is a great custom printed bag at a low price point.

The Shade Privacy Camera Blocker is a new and popular tech themed giveaway at a low price point. It comes in most of the popular colors. It attaches to a desktop or notebook computer to protect your privacy over the computers camera. The placement of the the product will provide maximum exposure for your logo.

The personalized slim silicone card wallet are perfect bulk promotional items to give out. They are cheap promos to give out at tradeshows. Tech themed items are a big hit at a great price. Imprint your logo or branding on these silicone items. They are a hit at any booth and will sure to be picked up for your brand to get noticed.

Our retro plastic sunglasses are an inexpensive giveaway that always come in handy on the go! These sunglasses are great promos year around, and are a throw back to the eighties with neon colors and also come in solid colors. They are one of our most popular products at a great price.

The USimprints small spray hand sanitizers can be printed with your logo, and are a fan favorite for any consumer. Who does not like to keep their hands clean, and germs away year around with these sanitizers. This item is available in a wide variety of color tops to match your branding.

The personalized 4" Keep-It chip clip is a great, inexpensive giveaway item that will show your brand in the household for months and even years to come. Get maximum exposure for your brand with these clips available in a wide variety of colors. Use a contrasting color to make your logo or branding stand out.

The metal whistle and key ring is a great giveaway at a great price around one dollar! These items are a great item that offer a perfect area for your imprint, and also area a great safety item to give out to consumers. The aluminum constructions provide for a long lasting item that will showcase your brand and are useful for anyone to pick up.

The small pocket pro tape measure is also a keychain and is perfect for construction, architecture, or building themed giveaways at your next tradeshow. This item has a locking feature with a rubber grip and is a great and inexpensive product to give out.

Who does not need more cowbell? Will Ferrell made this small but fun item popular years ago on Saturday Night Live, and it is one of our most favorite items. It is perfect for schools, universities, and corporate promotions. It comes in a wide variety of colors to match your organization's branding.

The USimprints stand up mirror is an on-the-go item that everyones loves! It has a large imprint area and is useful time after time! If you are wear contact lenses they are a perfect size to help you put your contacts in when you are on the go. It comes in five popular colors, and is one of our most popular giveaways at a cheap price.