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Written By Tessa Reyes Benz | December 17, 2020

Americans Rally to Support Small Business This Holiday Season, New Research Shows

Shop small. Shop local. Support small business. We hear these statements all the time but this year we’re seeing a trend amid the holiday season in a pandemic.


New research from Comcast Business specifically explores the everyday American consumer’s shopping behaviors amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Their most recent national survey of more than 1,000 consumers uncovered that 46% of consumers are more likely to shop at a small business this holiday season compared to previous years.


53% of consumers explain their behaviors as primarily driven by the desire to give back to their local communities and to be more mindful as they buy.


Speaking of mindfulness, 84% of those surveyed reported wanting to be aware of the kind of businesses they support, including shopping at small and Black-owned businesses.


Comcast Business also concluded that consumers want to shop local to find unique and quality products. 48% of those surveyed agreed small businesses provide more quality goods with 44% revealing they want the uncommon goods.


Consumers placed the most emphasis on planning to support small business restaurants this holiday season with 48% of those surveyed planning on ordering take out from their favorite local restaurants. The support didn’t stop there. 35% of those surveyed plan to tip more generously, recognizing the great hardships the small business restaurant industry is currently facing.


Comcast Business also found:


  • 37% intend on buying groceries at local markets.
  • 25% shop for gifts from online marketplaces.
  • 23% purchasing gift cards from local retailers.
  • 24% want to share their favorite small business with friends and family.


With always room to grow, the study asked consumers how small businesses can improve their services to make them more likely to shop small. 75% agreed the option of online shopping for small businesses is important. 44% want the ability to order online with the option of picking up in store while 30% desire the choice of curbside pickup.


And while we are still in a pandemic (and maybe for those hypochondriacs), 21% values contactless payment methods.


The study also wanted to understand why consumers do end up at big box retailers. 65% of consumers reported shopping at a big box store because of cost. 54% liked the convenience of being able to shop for multiple things at one time. 46% of consumers surveyed appreciated the wider selection available.


“2020 has been a trying year for small businesses—the lifeblood of our communities— and the consumers that support them,” said Eileen Diskin, Chief Marketing Officer, Comcast Business. “The results of this survey demonstrate that Americans appreciate the outstanding service, selection and spirit of what small businesses bring to their communities—and consumers are ready to pay it forward this holiday season.”


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