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Top 5 Things Your Employees Need to Work from Home

If we’re being honest, we’ve all fantasized about the idea from working from home. Pajamas all day, no commute, endless snacks, and you get to be your own DJ…What could be better?  With the pandemic of the coronavirus compelling businesses to work remotely, this fantasy has quickly become our reality. And just like your usual morning commute, working from home comes with its own set of challenges.

USimprints is here to help make this transition a lot more fun and as equally productive. We’ve put together a list of 5 items your team needs to be productive and cultivate solidarity.

The Notebook.

And I don’t mean the one Noah Calhoun read to his Allie. A good personalized notebook holds the potential to turn really good ideas into physical existence. Especially when it comes to goal-setting, writing down your ideas in great detail actually make you more likely to accomplish that goal. Studies continuously show humans remember things better when they write them down.

Working from home, the most important aspect for continued success is clear and effective communication. With a cute custom notebook by their side, your team members are sure to take all the notes they need to bring to that next Zoom meeting!

The Laptop Sleeve.

Switching desks might mean a shift from desktop to laptop.

So send your employees home in style with a new custom laptop sleeve.

Protecting their device should be the employer’s top priority because it ensures they can get their job done and stay connected with the outside world. Think of it as a little t.l.c. for your electronic bestie. Tender. Laptop. Cuddles.

The Coffee Mug.

There’s a lot of competing opinions on the health benefits and negatives surrounding this delightful bean juice. The truth is coffee isn’t going anywhere and there is a lot of great evidence that it helps people get through their day happily.

Coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine encourages you to stay awake, improve moods, memory and general cognitive function. Aside from caffeine, coffee also delivers a decent amount of vitamins and minerals. But most importantly, coffee is full antioxidants!

In today’s pandemic, boosting our immune system and keeping it strong with antioxidants should be our number one focus! Sending your team home with a personalized coffee mug with your unique logo will ensure they get their daily needs while keeping spirits up.

The Mobile Speaker.

Whether it’s those smooth moves by Kenny G. or those sweet and sour Taylor Swift tracks, working from home means you get to pick your playlist and listen to it too. Creating a relaxing and inspiring environment at home can be that one thing that can turn a frustrating transition into an inspiring one. Having a personalized speaker to set on your home desk just might be the best unexpected addition yet.

The Custom Pen.

It’s simple, but monumental. A good, smooth, fancy pen holds the ability to transform your mood in an instant. Paired with your favorite custom notebook, you’ll never want to stop writing down all your brilliant ideas.

In a recent study published in Psychological Science, researchers explored the effects of note taking in writing versus typing on a laptop. They found that those who wrote down their notes on paper were more selective with the words they wrote causing them to retain the more important information. Those who typed out their notes ended up writing almost everything they could which actually led to a decrease in retention.

The moral of the story… Pen and paper won’t ever go out of style.

And there you have it...

We hope you feel encouraged and inspired to help your team create a successful atmosphere at home as we fight this pandemic together. Our team at USimprints is here to help in every way we can.