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Image Credit: "Budweiser" by Jhong Dizon | Photography is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Written By Tessa Reyes Benz | November 19, 2020

Budweiser Celebrates Thanksgiving 2020 With Some Bizarre Promotional Merchandise

Everything about 2020 is unusual. If there was ever a year to let those questionable branding ideas materialize, it’s now. That’s apparently what Budweiser has just done in lieu of this holiday season.


Budweiser unveiled two Thanksgiving-themed promotional products sure to get their fans into the holiday spirit. The first promo is a Bud can turkey stand, offering up a brand new way to cook a turkey. The second item is a lockable leftover box to keep those delicious Thanksgiving meal leftovers all to yourself.


The Bud can turkey stand is constructed out of stainless steel food grade wire and includes the Budweiser brand logo etched out across the front of the stand.  Inspired by the classic beer can chicken recipe, where you stuff the bird with a partially full beer can. For your Thanksgiving turkey, just simply replace the stuffing with a 25-ounce can of Budweiser and let the fizzy flavors season the bird while it cooks on a hot grill.


Next up, the most inventive promotional product we’ve seen yet—the King of Leftovers lockbox. What appears to be a normal plastic container complete with a combination lock installed on the lid. When your Thanksgiving meal is just too good to throw out, lock it up and plan for delicious we-only-make-this-one-time-a-year turkey sandwiches for the rest of the holiday weekend.


“We’re happy to share a new Budweiser spin on the classic Thanksgiving turkey and a Budweiser solve for the best way to store and lock away coveted leftovers,” expressed Monica Rustgi, Budweiser’s vp of marketing. “ We hope that Budweiser’s latest offerings will help bring some extra holiday cheer and added fun to both the cooking process and everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving leftovers.”


These Thanksgiving-themed promotional products are available on the beer brands shop website,