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Athletic Brand STARTER Collaborates With Budweiser to release a co-branded apparel line, the “Bud Bowl” collection

Written By Tessa Reyes Benz | January 29, 2021

Budweiser might not be airing any Super Bowl commercials this year, but they are releasing a co-branded apparel line with the athletic brand STARTER.


Celebrating their 50th anniversary, STARTER revisits the 1970s when the apparel brand would have been seen among sports leagues, colleges and Olympic teams. Known for their catchphrase “wear what the pros wear,” this Budweiser co-brand is the first of many collaborations STARTER has planned for this year.


The “Bud Bowl” collection is a nod to the Bud Bowl ads that first aired in 1989 during Super Bowl XXII.



“We are proud to celebrate this milestone with STARTER, one of the most iconic sports brands of all time,” stated Bob Galvin, CEO and President at Iconic Brand Group. “STARTER has always realized that sport transcends game, it’s about a shared spirit, and important reminder for our time as fans celebrate from afar. We are all part of something bigger.”


This Bud Bowl capsule showcases a collection of original artwork and logos on t-shirts, hoodies, varsity jackets, coach jackets and caps.


“The STARTER brand has and continues to have a formative influence on my vision of how sport and fashion culture intersect,” expressed Carl Banks, president of G-III Sports Division, in a press release. “Fashion and fandom is an emotional connection. No brand does it better. I am honored to continue the legacy of [Starter founder] David Beckerman.”


Budweiser may not be getting the $5 million brand recognition this year from their Super Bowl ads, but with their Covid-19 vaccine promotion and now this branded merchandise throwback, they’ve still got their hand in the game.



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