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Written By Tessa Reyes Benz | December 18, 2020

All We Want For Christmas Is A Supreme Holiday T-shirt With Mariah Carey On It

We’ve heard the song. We’ve seen the album cover. Now it’s time to wear the icon on one of our favorite streetwear brands.


A special-edition Mariah Carey Christmas t-shirt just released as part of Supreme’s Winter collection. Sell all those ugly sweaters and invest in this branded t-shirt because this might never go out of style.


The cover of Carey’s 1994 holiday album ‘Merry Christmas,’ is imprinted on the front of a green, white, black or pink shirt. Instead of the classic red and white block logo, Supreme let Carey do the branding. Written in handwriting across the album cover, “To Supreme, Merry Christmas Baby! XO Mariah” in her classic signature.


We all need this shirt.



The entire collection went up for preview on Dec 16th on Instagram, announcing the drop on Dec 17th.


In true Supreme fashion, the Mariah Carey branded shirts are already sold out. But don’t pout just yet. You can already find these holiday branded shirts on all the resale sites like StockX. You might have to pay twice the price but if you think of it like an investment into your holiday merch collection, it’s really a great bargain.


Now that Supreme joined the VF Corp group earlier this year, maybe we’ll start to see some more Mariah Carey branded holiday merchandise among their other brands. I wouldn’t mind getting some Vans with her signature on the side.