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2020 Ad Impressions Study Proves Promo's Value, Effectiveness and Affordability

Written by Tessa Reyes Benz | October 6, 2020

On October 2, 2020, the Advertising Speciality Institute (ASI) released the 2020 edition of its annual Global Ad Impressions Study to the public to show the current value, effectiveness and affordability of promotional products have on consumers.


With over a quarter million consumers surveyed in the U.S. and Canada, this is the first time this study included the topic of branded face masks, the most-searched promo in ASI’s search engine of the last six months. Of those surveyed, they found 61% of consumers aged 35-54 would develop a positive opinion of the advertiser who gave them a logoed mask.


“The biggest surprise in this year’s study was the dramatic impact face masks are having on advertising,” said Nate Kucsma, ASI’s executive director of market research and corporate marketing. “No question, end-users report a strong positive reaction to companies using the hottest, most essential PPE item as logoed promo products.”


Per usual, this study highlights promo items such as pens, calendars and USBs, calculating the percentage of consumers who own each branded promo item, how long they keep these items, how many impressions each item gets, along with a detailed breakdown of age, sex, and region.

Highlights from the 2020 Global Ad Impressions Study include:

    • Promos stick around longer than you might think. More than half of consumers report keeping their promo items for at least 5 years. 40% of consumers reported keeping their promos for over a decade.
    • Consumers want to buy Promos. 28% of consumers in the midwest reported buying logoed items.
    • Gen Xers love promos. Gen X owns an average of 34 promo items per household compared to the national average of 30.
    • Consumers want quality. 69% of consumers surveyed said they keep their promos because of the quality of the product.
    • Consumers successfully recall advertisers. 85% of consumers can recall which advertiser gave them their promo, with the highest influence coming from apparel items.

Promotional products have always been an affordable way to advertise for small businesses. This current study continues to support the promotional products strong rate of return on investment (ROI), with the cost per impression (CPI) as low as 1/10th of a cent. With the pandemic swinging hard at small businesses, this ASI study confirms that branded promo items are the most highly regarded form of affordable advertising.


President and CEO of ASI, Timothy M Andrews (insert twitter account link), said, “Businesses confronting the toughest economic market in decades need and demand the best possible ROI and band for their buck, along with the smartest use of limited marketing dollars.”


“With our annual study at their fingertips, distributors calling on clients will have the strongest, most convincing tools in the industry to make an unbeatable case for choosing promo products above all other advertising.”

About ASI

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