Trade Show Giveaways

Common trade show giveaways encompass a selection of products more expansive than the Rocky Mountains. The best starting point is to look at the different types of giveaways you can customize: badge holders & retractors, lanyards, candy & snacks, tote bags, flashlights, games, toys, fitness items, jewelry, stickers, stress balls, electronics and more. Whether you're looking for something inexpensive or to dish out a considerable investment, this is your best starting point for finding great gear to give away at a trade show.


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Custom 10 Oz. Frost Flex Cup

ID: 12755307 As low as $0.49

Custom Rubber Duck

ID: 8241068 As low as $1.25

Imprinted 1 oz. Hand Sanitizer

ID: 10103533 As low as $0.89

Promotional Small Cow Bell

ID: 9263025 As low as $1.29

Imprinted Dynamo Crank Flashlight

ID: 8240696 As low as $5.75

Custom Multi-Function Tape Measure

ID: 8241518 As low as $1.99

Custom Non-Woven Conference Tote Bag

ID: 10390737 As low as $1.19

Promotional Spinning Dragonfly

ID: 9262943 As low as $0.65

Imprinted Nail File In Sleeve

ID: 8241616 As low as $0.55

Imprinted Two-Tone Malibu Sunglasses

ID: 10391195 As low as $2.15

Promotional Heart shape stress reliever

ID: 8240621 As low as $0.99

Imprinted Plush Stuffed Animal Bank

ID: 7391651 As low as $9.99

Promotional Dart Pen

ID: 8241593 As low as $0.29

Cutlery Set

ID: 7391376 As low as $0.99

Promotional 3 In 1 Kit

ID: 8241373 As low as $1.49

Imprinted 22 oz. Stadium Cup

ID: 11702183 As low as $0.55

Personalized Oval LED Key Chain

ID: 8240658 As low as $0.99

Custom Tool Kit Key Tag

ID: 9263383 As low as $1.15

Promotional 5 Prong Highlighter

ID: 8241126 As low as $0.99

Custom The Essex Pen

ID: 8241638 As low as $0.49

Personalized Collapsible Strainer

ID: 12848007 As low as $2.69

Neon Sunglasses from

ID: 8240986 As low as $0.99

Imprinted Round Hand Mirror

ID: 12696527 As low as $0.58

Printed First Aid Pouch

ID: 10080832 As low as $0.79

Custom Star Shape Stress Reliever

ID: 8240539 As low as $0.99

Printed Non-Woven Economy Tote Bag

ID: 11665541 As low as $0.59

Customized Non-Woven Promotional Tote Bag

ID: 10390735 As low as $0.59

Imprinted Slim Bottle Opener

ID: 11702101 As low as $0.39

Personalized Hand Sanitizer Spray, .17 oz

ID: 10391687 As low as $0.89

Imprinted Lint Stick

ID: 8241531 As low as $0.69

Promotional Wave Rubberized Sunglasses

ID: 8241237 As low as $0.99

Customized Satin Pen

ID: 8241640 As low as $0.39

Promotional Playing Card Set

ID: 8241508 As low as $4.25

Promotional Jiffer Slitter

ID: 11702249 As low as $0.59

Imprinted Nail Clipper In Case

ID: 10391634 As low as $0.79

Printed Round Shape Clip

ID: 8240812 As low as $0.79

Promotional 11 oz. White Ceramic Mug

ID: 8241386 As low as $1.19

Printed Mini Spiral Notebook

ID: 9263194 As low as $0.99

Printed The CUP (TM)

ID: 12603045 As low as $1.69

Personalized Hi Bounce Diamond Ball

ID: 9262942 As low as $1.99

Custom Eco Inspired Pen

ID: 8241288 As low as $0.45

Imprinted Clip With Sticky Flags

ID: 9262647 As low as $1.09

Imprinted Reflections Manicure Set

ID: 11702231 As low as $2.39

Custom Hand Clapper

ID: 8241132 As low as $0.69

Personalized Tape-A-Matic

ID: 8241227 As low as $0.69

Clear barrel sling bag

ID: 7383956 As low as $5.99

Customized Beach Ball Stress Reliever

ID: 9263000 As low as $1.25

Imprinted Round Pill Holder

ID: 9263429 As low as $0.59

Printed 6" Plush Big Paw Dog With Shirt

ID: 11665237 As low as $6.29

Customized Round Mirror

ID: 8241529 As low as $0.55

Imprinted Aluminum LED Light With Clip

ID: 8968225 As low as $2.29

Personalized Dog Tag

ID: 11665357 As low as $0.95

Promotional Large Football

ID: 8241065 As low as $4.99

Bag Clip

ID: 4888465 As low as $0.99