Custom Promotional Sunglasses

Got a fun outdoor event coming up? Maybe a festival, music concert, or carnival? Give out these promotional sunglasses to get your brand name out there while making attendees look cool at the same time. The best part is that your recipients will keep rocking these customizable sunglasses well after the event and give your company even more exposure than you had bargained for (score!).


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Promotional Translucent Sports Glasses

ID: 11631980 As low as $1.21

Customized Patriotic Malibu Sunglasses

ID: 550374315 As low as $2.35

True Timber(R) Malibu Sunglasses

ID: 550392255 As low as $2.99

Personalized Key West Sunglasses

ID: 550661844 As low as $1.99

Promotional Sport Sunglasses

ID: 550672980 As low as $1.81

Imprinted Party Rock Glasses Assortment

ID: 11631876 As low as $1.78

Personalized Glow in the dark sunglasses

ID: 10380520 As low as $1.55

Imprinted Red, White & Blue Glasses

ID: 13054024 As low as $2.22

Groom Sun-Stache

ID: 550444374 As low as $8.47

Personalized Police Sun-Stache

ID: 550444359 As low as $8.47

Birthday Boy Sun-Stache

ID: 550444363 As low as $8.47

Sun Ray - Color Changing Sunglasses

ID: 550523606 As low as $1.58

Promotional Mostly Oak Camo Sunglasses

ID: 9207826 As low as $4.16

Custom Pilot I Aviator Sunglasses

ID: 8261121 As low as $2.73

Personalized New Year Top Hat Glasses

ID: 12596515 As low as $12.92

Football Helmet Game Shades

ID: 550444074 As low as $8.47

Bushy Eyebrows & 'Stache Sun-Stache

ID: 550444031 As low as $5.75

Personalized Pixel Glasses Assortment

ID: 12624488 As low as $1.77

Personalized Jackie O glasses

ID: 8258952 As low as $22.83

Imprinted Metallic Malibu Sunglasses

ID: 550173232 As low as $2.35

Mood (Color Changing) Sunglasses

ID: 550536470 As low as $1.69

Printed Color Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

ID: 550583579 As low as $2.99