Custom Promotional Sunglasses

Got a fun outdoor event coming up? Maybe a festival, music concert, or carnival? Give out these promotional sunglasses to get your brand name out there while making attendees look cool at the same time. The best part is that your recipients will keep rocking these customizable sunglasses well after the event and give your company even more exposure than you had bargained for (score!).


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Spirit Sunglasses

ID: 550312530 As low as $1.99

Wood Grain Iconic Style Sunglasses

ID: 550513764 As low as $1.77

Promotional Neon Peace Glasses

ID: 9346065 As low as $1.22

Fashion Sunglasses

ID: 550386067 As low as $1.79

Black Handlebar Sun-Stache

ID: 550443811 As low as $5.05

Fiesta Sun-Stache

ID: 550444068 As low as $8.72

Power Cord Eyewear Retainer

ID: 4835097 As low as $1.83

Iconic Sunglasses with Colorful Lenses

ID: 550636484 As low as $1.02

Silver mirrored Malibu sunglasses

ID: 550496489 As low as $2.25

Full Color Lens Glasses

ID: 550311002 As low as $4.25

Color Changing Malibu Sunglasses

ID: 550310884 As low as $1.65

Birthday Girl Sun-Stache

ID: 550444367 As low as $8.47

Logo Wrapped Sunglasses - Factory Direct

ID: 550157883 As low as $3.90

Slugger Shades

ID: 550695694 As low as $3.39

Wild Thing Sunglasses

ID: 550250026 As low as $2.24

Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

ID: 550189717 As low as $2.25

Color Change Sunglasses

ID: 550310332 As low as $2.60

Logospecs Fashion Sunglasses

ID: 550673884 As low as $2.79

Wooden Bamboo Sunglasses

ID: 550695681 As low as $5.91

Two-Toned Sunglasses

ID: 550695690 As low as $2.38

Bride Sun-Stache

ID: 550444371 As low as $8.47

Imprinted Translucent Glasses

ID: 9345894 As low as $1.39

Custom Houndstooth Glasses

ID: 11631875 As low as $30.48