Shot Glasses

Custom Shot Glasses

Look at our acrylic, polycarbonate, or plastic shot glasses for those looking for a cheaper, yet quality shot glass giveaway. These personalized shot glasses also come in different colors, which is an easy way to spice up any promotion or find some contrast for your logo. You'll pay a little more for glass shot glasses, but clear glass is usually pretty simple to get a great result on your imprint. We recommend not using dark colors on clear custom shot glasses.

Shot Glasses

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Promotional 7 oz Pub Glass

ID: 9298745 As low as $2.49

Printed 3.5 oz Votive

ID: 8308541 As low as $2.25

Promotional 2 oz Catalina Shot Glass

ID: 12955001 As low as $3.99


ID: 4920465 As low as $1.59

Custom 2 oz Clear Shot

ID: 8308269 As low as $2.89

Promotional 1.5 oz Shot Glass

ID: 8308512 As low as $3.19

Personalized 1.25 oz Maritime Shot Glass

ID: 11906469 As low as $3.49

Custom 2.5 oz Mini Pilsner

ID: 8308283 As low as $2.89

Printed 1.5 oz Shot Glass

ID: 8308508 As low as $2.99

Customized 5 oz Beer Sampler

ID: 8308287 As low as $2.89

Personalized 2.5 oz Essence Shot Glass

ID: 12955051 As low as $4.99

Custom 1.75 oz Clear Shot Glass

ID: 8308505 As low as $2.15

Personalized 2 oz Acrylic Shot Glass

ID: 8136317 As low as $0.71

Hip Flask Set

ID: 200222502 As low as $9.95

Printed Glass Shooter

ID: 8147361 As low as $1.77

Customized Optic Shot Glass

ID: 8282231 As low as $2.50

Customized Square Shot Glass

ID: 8282264 As low as $2.25

Customized Specialty shot

ID: 8147352 As low as $2.90

Full Color Frosted Sarasota Shooter - 2 oz

ID: 550293329 As low as $3.80

Personalized 2 oz. Fusion Shooter Glass

ID: 8250232 As low as $2.99

Personalized Shindig Shot Glass

ID: 550518325 As low as $6.95