Wholesale Custom Plaques

Personalize any one of our wholesale plaques at USimprints. Choose from our wide selection of creative bulk plaques in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some custom-made plaque options include wood, plastic, marble, acrylic and more. We can help you design and order the right plaque for any recognition need you have.


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Custom Wood Plaque Award

ID: 8175338 As low as $55.00

Personalized Jurak Award

ID: 12336602 As low as $111.08

Printed Steelton Award

ID: 12336663 As low as $155.75

Personalized Nuangola Award

ID: 12336632 As low as $74.63

Customized Cambridge

ID: 12610659 As low as $161.90

Custom Delphos

ID: 12610701 As low as $77.47

Customized Smithton Award

ID: 12336660 As low as $112.85

Printed Delphos

ID: 12610700 As low as $73.87

Personalized Black Plaque - 6" x 12"

ID: 8761024 As low as $69.47

Imprinted Savoy Large Plaque Award

ID: 10159311 As low as $42.49

Lifetime Achievement Plate Award

ID: 550712408 As low as $190.00

Walnut Management Plaque - 10" x 12"

ID: 550293350 As low as $26.80

Promotional Fairfield Small Plaque Award

ID: 10159196 As low as $44.89

Custom Derby Medium Plaque Award

ID: 10159185 As low as $20.66

Printed Savoy Medium Plaque Award

ID: 10159312 As low as $34.99

Personalized Renewal Medium Plaque Award

ID: 10159304 As low as $34.95

Printed Ashford Small Plaque Award

ID: 10159154 As low as $33.71

Personalized Derby Large Plaque Award

ID: 10159184 As low as $30.66

Imprinted Onyx Large Plaque Award

ID: 11636235 As low as $67.36