Promotional Pedometers

For the health conscious, a pedometer is the ultimate bow around the finger. If you're looking to promote fitness, check out these pedometers. We've got unique, simple, and flashy. You'll want big and bold text on your logo to compensate for the small size of these items.


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Customized Pedometer

ID: 8241024 As low as $1.95

Custom Multi-Function Pedometer

ID: 9262864 As low as $2.69

Printed Pedometer

ID: 11308211 As low as $2.79

Customized Multi-Function Pedometer

ID: 10390921 As low as $2.29

Imprinted Pedometer

ID: 8240992 As low as $1.65

Custom Pedometer

ID: 8241003 As low as $2.09

Customized StayFit Training Pedometer

ID: 8241972 As low as $3.85

Promotional Slazenger (R) Fit Pedometer

ID: 9320005 As low as $4.22

Customized Marathon Solar Pedometer

ID: 9319393 As low as $3.13

Promotional TrackFast Step Pedometer

ID: 9319392 As low as $3.28

Personalized Easy View Pedometer

ID: 10369549 As low as $4.98

Promotional 3-Axis Slim Pedometer

ID: 10369545 As low as $13.98

Imprinted Step-On! (Pedometer)

ID: 8469861 As low as $2.05

Printed Slazenger (R) Step Pedometer

ID: 8242036 As low as $2.68

Customized Heart Pedometer

ID: 10369548 As low as $2.68

Printed Clip 'N Step Meter

ID: 8214863 As low as $2.69

Printed Step and BMI Pedometer

ID: 8215107 As low as $7.95

Promotional Solar Pedometer

ID: 8154599 As low as $5.55

Printed Step-It Up Pedometer (TM)

ID: 8154598 As low as $3.44