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New technology like tablets and the smart phones are old news. What's really cool is reigniting the throwbacks: paper and pen! No matter what new gadget is released, there's nothing quite like the feel of pen hitting paper while jotting down notes the way our Founding Fathers did. Plus, who knows when the battery in your phone might go kaput? Then you'll be cursing the fact that you put all the meeting minutes in Evernote; should have gone mid-century with those notes! Give out these promotional notebooks and your recipients will love that they no longer have to scribble down thoughts on the palms of their hands!


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Customized 3" x 5" Journal Notebook

ID: 10143953 As low as $1.65

Customized 4" x 6" Notebook with Pen

ID: 10391281 As low as $1.49

Printed Spiral Notebook With ID Window

ID: 10391280 As low as $2.19

Customized 5" x 7" Journal Notebook

ID: 10086217 As low as $2.50

Customized Spiral Notebook & Pen

ID: 8241313 As low as $1.39

Imprinted Essence Bamboo Desk Buddy

ID: 11702198 As low as $2.45

Customized Spiral Jotter & Pen

ID: 8241312 As low as $1.19

Promotional Non-Woven Small Padfolio

ID: 8241273 As low as $3.69

Printed 3 1/2" X 6 1/2" Journal Notebook

ID: 10092357 As low as $2.05

Customized 5" x 7" Spiral Notebook & Pen

ID: 8241314 As low as $2.15

Cross (R) Prime Refillable Notebook

ID: 550140876 As low as $25.98

Customized Ambassador Bound JournalBook

ID: 8219882 As low as $5.12

Promotional Wenger (R) iPad Notebook

ID: 11273506 As low as $25.98

Promotional Manchester Writing Pad

ID: 10368855 As low as $16.18

Imprinted Hampton Notebook Jotter

ID: 10369705 As low as $3.85

Custom Diplomat Bound JournalBook

ID: 8219884 As low as $7.98

Custom The Sun Spiral Notebook

ID: 8285076 As low as $2.15

Imprinted Recycled Mini Pocket Notebook

ID: 12904922 As low as $1.16

Printed Bamboo Notebook

ID: 12659682 As low as $3.59