Promotional Mirrors

Do you have customers who need to apply make-up at a moment's notice? Or maybe your co-workers need to spend a little more time in front of a mirror instead of working so long on those TPS reports? These promotional mirrors make great gifts for the average Joe and narcissist alike, so you know you can't go wrong! When they check themselves out, they'll be reminded of you! Shop through our personalized compact mirror favors right here.


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Promotional 3 In 1 Kit

ID: 8241373 As low as $1.49

Imprinted Round Hand Mirror

ID: 12696527 As low as $0.58

Imprinted Reflections Manicure Set

ID: 11702231 As low as $2.39

Customized Round Mirror

ID: 8241529 As low as $0.55

Imprinted Computer Mirror Memo Holder

ID: 8241524 As low as $2.29

Imprinted Rectangular Mirror

ID: 8241528 As low as $0.65

Promotional 3 In 1 Kit

ID: 8241376 As low as $1.25

Customized Square Mirror With LED Light

ID: 9263416 As low as $1.79

Promotional 2 In 1 Kit

ID: 8241368 As low as $1.29

Printed Stand Up Pocket Mirror

ID: 8286347 As low as $0.68

Promotional Glimmer Round Mirror

ID: 9237352 As low as $0.62

Custom Pocket Dual Vanity Mirror

ID: 8214794 As low as $1.07

Custom Micro Mirror

ID: 8214408 As low as $0.78

Custom Diva (TM) Compact Mirror

ID: 9270520 As low as $0.87

Personalized Locker Mirror

ID: 10427158 As low as $2.49

Customized Double Mirror

ID: 8176637 As low as $1.29

Printed Round Mirror

ID: 11904678 As low as $0.57

Custom Slimline Mirror and Emery Board

ID: 11298042 As low as $1.00

Personalized Ultra Thin Pocket Mirror

ID: 9184398 As low as $0.72

Printed Double Sided Compact Mirror

ID: 11586079 As low as $1.48

Customized Slim Folding Mirror

ID: 12890517 As low as $0.49