Magnetic Pens

Promotional Magnetic Pens

Every family has at least one pen thief. You know, the person who seems to collect and hoard all of the pens in the house. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you're probably the thief! The point is, your employees and customers will appreciate receiving these magnetic pens because they'll always have a special place on the fridge or in their holders where you can count on finding them. Pen-thief proof!

Magnetic Pens

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Personalized Magnetic Box

ID: 9356105 As low as $1.50

Custom Magnetic Note Clip

ID: 9198141 As low as $1.65

Promotional Bettoni Rollerball Pen

ID: 10542547 As low as $13.95

Customized Capper Pen

ID: 8165051 As low as $1.23

Customized Binder Pen

ID: 9164913 As low as $0.81

Personalized Magnetic Memo Board

ID: 12085870 As low as $1.27

Printed Memo Board with Full Magnet Back

ID: 11796908 As low as $1.30

Custom Notepad with Pen

ID: 8341049 As low as $2.55

Customized Memo Mate House w/ Mag

ID: 8373684 As low as $0.82

Printed Pen Holder Power Clip

ID: 11785835 As low as $0.99

Customized Sophia Rollerball Pen

ID: 10508413 As low as $16.00

Customized Memo Mate Idea w/ Magnet

ID: 8373676 As low as $0.69

Customized Metal magnetic gear pen

ID: 10013505 As low as $19.00

Custom Seal Pen Holder with Pen

ID: 10013539 As low as $8.00