Lip Balm

Personalized Lip Balm & Chapstick

We've got a lot of different lip balms to choose from. Not only are there different flavors, but you can find some inventive sticks, such as a soda can shaped tube. Take a look around for ideas!

Lip Balm

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Custom Round Key Chain Lip Moisturizer

ID: 10391702 As low as $1.09

Imprinted Lip Balm and Sunstick

ID: 11702243 As low as $1.09

Imprinted Lip Balm

ID: 12225021 As low as $0.79

Custom Lip Balm in Color Tube

ID: 10390364 As low as $0.99

Customized Natural Lip Balm with Head Clip

ID: 550094340 As low as $2.29

Personalized Natural Lip Balm

ID: 550094233 As low as $1.02

Custom Premium SPF 15 Lip Moisturizer

ID: 11623871 As low as $1.49

Custom Clip-It on SPF 15 Lip Moisturizer

ID: 11623868 As low as $1.29

Customized Well-Rounded Lip Balm

ID: 11585634 As low as $0.97

Custom Clip-It Lip Balm Holder

ID: 11585468 As low as $1.35

Imprinted Lip Balm & Sunscreen Combo

ID: 12878754 As low as $1.02

Printed Value Lip Balm

ID: 12889468 As low as $0.49

Promotional Fruity Lip Moisturizer

ID: 8224697 As low as $0.89

Printed SPF-23 Lip Balm

ID: 8114258 As low as $0.81

Custom SPF-15 Flavor Burst Lip Balm

ID: 9175514 As low as $1.25

Premium Lip Balm - All Natural USA Made

ID: 200283836 As low as $0.70

Imprinted Economy Lip Balm in Mini Tube

ID: 12043703 As low as $0.90