Lint Removers

Promotional Lint Rollers

Your customers and employees got lint they're trying to get rid of? Perfect; we've got the lint rollers and removers they need. You could let them keep picking off lint by hand or you could help them get to work on time thanks to the lint roller you give them! Okay, maybe the lint removers won't improve productivity, but surely your employees and customers will look a whole lot better! Buy wholesale bulk lint rollers right here.

Lint Removers

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Imprinted Lint Stick

ID: 8241531 As low as $0.69

Imprinted 5 in 1 Lint Brush

ID: 9263412 As low as $1.15

Personalized Folding Lint Roller

ID: 8286362 As low as $1.61

Custom Hair Brush with Lint Brush

ID: 11567829 As low as $1.39

Printed Sewing Kit with Lint Brush

ID: 550133360 As low as $1.13

Custom Roll & Rinse Lint Remover

ID: 11586112 As low as $1.20

Promotional Lint Brush

ID: 8056540 As low as $0.87

Promotional Mini Travel Lint Roller

ID: 550308518 As low as $0.99

Scotch Lint Sheets Pocket Pack

ID: 5056351 As low as $1.69

Custom Lint Roller

ID: 9423485 As low as $1.84

Printed Lint Roller

ID: 550278998 As low as $1.05