Personalized Diaries & Journals

Ever need to get something off your chest? Or maybe you'd like an outlet to express your innermost thoughts and experiences? Well, I bet your customers are the same way. Give them the gift of writing therapy with these promotional diaries and journals. Maybe it will be just the spark a new novelist needs to get her start and write the next Harry Potter! Or maybe these custom notebooks with logo designs will be a great place for customers to record how much they appreciate you for giving them the gift!


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Customized 3" x 5" Journal Notebook

ID: 10143953 As low as $1.65

Customized 5" x 7" Journal Notebook

ID: 10086217 As low as $2.09

Printed Lunar JournalBook

ID: 10369772 As low as $2.95

Promotional Wenger (R) Refillable Journal

ID: 10370534 As low as $14.38

Printed South Side Large JournalBook

ID: 12487156 As low as $7.48

Printed Omni Journal Set

ID: 11649293 As low as $12.13

Customized Spectra JournalBook

ID: 10369876 As low as $3.32

Printed Color Pop Journal

ID: 12949247 As low as $5.98

Printed Executive Large Bound JournalBook

ID: 10369848 As low as $5.38

Promotional Executive Bound JournalBook

ID: 10369845 As low as $4.30

Imprinted Essence JournalBook

ID: 10369879 As low as $2.95

Printed Showcase JournalBook

ID: 10369842 As low as $2.68

Custom Scripto (R) Journal

ID: 8229643 As low as $2.98

Duo-Textured Tuscany (TM) Journal

ID: 550167956 As low as $9.98

Custom Mini stowaway pen/journal set

ID: 11345537 As low as $1.39