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Earbuds aren't the ideal product for large, overt logo placement, but we can still get a bold imprint. Many earbuds have a retractor or volume button for an extra imprinting location. If audio quality or something more visible is your concern, then we sell some killer pairs of headphones, many featuring sleek designs.


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Printed Ear Buds in Round Plastic Case

ID: 12755302 As low as $0.99

Customized Ear Buds in Square Case

ID: 12721670 As low as $1.49

Imprinted Ear Buds in Case

ID: 10390720 As low as $1.49

Imprinted Mini Ear Buds

ID: 11702124 As low as $1.49

Customized Colorful Ear Buds in Pouch

ID: 12721669 As low as $1.75

Promotional Jammer Headphones

ID: 12721668 As low as $6.99

Retractable Ear Buds

ID: 7394503 As low as $2.99

Customized Retractable Ear Buds

ID: 11469789 As low as $1.99

Promotional Mega Headphones

ID: 11469790 As low as $9.50

Imprinted Retractable Ear Buds

ID: 12739361 As low as $1.99

Personalized Fusion Ear Buds with mic

ID: 12627186 As low as $13.48

Imprinted Hades On Ear Headphones

ID: 11273502 As low as $19.98

Ares Headphones with Mic

ID: 550141398 As low as $14.98

Customized Color Dip Ear Buds

ID: 12949733 As low as $1.98

Custom Zoom (TM) Wrap with Ear Buds

ID: 12627183 As low as $4.48

Customized Velocity Store-Away Earbuds

ID: 8213101 As low as $4.98

Printed Chaos Headphones with Music Control

ID: 11649939 As low as $33.98

Promotional Apollo Ear Buds with Mic

ID: 10370311 As low as $8.98

Personalized Atlas Headphones

ID: 11649940 As low as $12.78

Printed Bass Headphones

ID: 11566702 As low as $3.60

Printed Rockz Earbuds

ID: 12659686 As low as $1.58