Floating Keychains

Custom Floating Keychains

Imagine gathering all your belongings as you board the boat and prepare for a beautiful, sunny day on the water. You ask your landlubber friend for the keys, and he tosses them just outside of your reach. (Plop) Well, you could always just go swimming at the community pool, right (that is, after you throw your friend into the water for losing the keys!)? Don't let this happen! Imprint your logo on these customizable floating key chains for boats so the next time that happens your friend can jump in and retrieve them. No harm, no foul!

Floating Keychains

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Imprinted Floating Keychain

ID: 10324054 As low as $0.98

Printed Float Rite Key Chain

ID: 11904519 As low as $1.35

Printed Floating Key Holder

ID: 8065384 As low as $1.74

Imprinted Floater Key Chain

ID: 8152694 As low as $1.09

Customized Floating Oval Key Tag

ID: 12507013 As low as $0.96

Custom Floating Neoprene Keychain

ID: 8212055 As low as $3.38

4-Color Process Sofloats

ID: 550409668 As low as $0.82

Sure-Float key chain

ID: 4868571 As low as $1.25

Promotional Floating Keytainer

ID: 9417147 As low as $0.84

Custom Floating Foam Key tag

ID: 9417241 As low as $0.88

Sure-Float key chain

ID: 550294210 As low as $0.93

Customized Lagoon Floating Key Chain

ID: 12605683 As low as $1.01

Customized Floating Keytag

ID: 8544556 As low as $1.17

Printed Oval Floater Key Tag

ID: 550647347 As low as $0.99