Customized Promotional Hand Fans

You know what they say. "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." Well, there's another version that applies in all situations (not just the kitchen). "If you can't stand the heat, get a hand fan." If you've got hot (literally) clients or sweaty (gross) employees, then they'll love you for giving out these branded hand fans. Every time they need to cool down, they'll be reminded of how thoughtful you are when they reach for their customized fans.


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Personalized USB Plug-In Fan

ID: 12696528 As low as $4.50

Imprinted Mini Fan with Removable Cap

ID: 12739371 As low as $2.09

Personalized Plastic Hand Fan

ID: 8241121 As low as $0.85

Imprinted Mini Fan

ID: 8241606 As low as $2.15

Personalized Maxi Mini Fan

ID: 8286123 As low as $1.97

Promotional Turbo Mini Fan / Flashlight

ID: 8286127 As low as $2.24

Printed USB fan

ID: 9197160 As low as $29.95

Printed Carabiner Hand Held Electric Fan

ID: 550074635 As low as $4.05

Custom Mini Fan

ID: 12890547 As low as $2.72

Personalized Folding Fan

ID: 8224330 As low as $2.13

Custom Carabiner Fan Light

ID: 10393782 As low as $1.88

Promotional Bang a Banner

ID: 10326776 As low as $0.47

Personalized Seashell fast fan

ID: 10329880 As low as $1.66

Personalized Shoe Digital auction fans

ID: 10331519 As low as $1.13

Custom Heart seed stick mini fan

ID: 10333627 As low as $0.63

Customized Cowboy fast fan

ID: 10330022 As low as $1.66

Custom Bird full color fan

ID: 13027543 As low as $0.60

Custom Dove fan without stick

ID: 10330377 As low as $0.24

Customized Badge fast fan

ID: 13026300 As low as $1.39

Custom Bear offset printed fan

ID: 10327800 As low as $0.33

Custom Shield/Shovel fast fan

ID: 10329906 As low as $1.66