Eco Pedometers, Clocks & Timers

Eco Friendly Pedometers & Clocks

Thanks to the calculator, you're probably familiar with solar powered devices, but take a look at the hydro powered clock for something really cool! Not only are these clocks & pedometers sleek and chic, but they're also eco friendly.

Eco Pedometers, Clocks & Timers

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Imprinted Dynamo Crank Flashlight

ID: 8240696 As low as $5.75

Customized Marathon Solar Pedometer

ID: 9319393 As low as $3.13

Printed Solar-Powered Pedometer

ID: 8286146 As low as $5.49

Promotional Solar Pedometer

ID: 8154599 As low as $5.55

Printed Rely Solar Charger

ID: 11565593 As low as $19.99

Promotional Solar charger

ID: 10541797 As low as $29.95

Imprinted Clearview Pedometer

ID: 8056550 As low as $3.25

Printed Solar Powered Pedometer

ID: 8056594 As low as $4.02

Promotional Sun step solar pedometer

ID: 10304517 As low as $4.02

Imprinted Eco Solar Pedometer

ID: 8114376 As low as $7.25

Customized Desktop Solar Clock

ID: 10608343 As low as $13.42

Customized Mini Solar Clock

ID: 10608344 As low as $9.95

Basic Crank Flashlight

ID: 4718698 As low as $8.95

Imprinted Cosmic Solar Pedometer

ID: 4783628 As low as $4.02

Promotional Hybrid Solar Clock

ID: 8750533 As low as $9.20

Solar Pedometer

ID: 7196280 As low as $5.12

Promotional Water Powered Can Shaped Clock

ID: 11875318 As low as $15.00

Custom Solar powered flashlight

ID: 10509210 As low as $6.50

Promotional Solar Alarm Clock

ID: 8831307 As low as $8.08

Printed Infinity Solar / Crank Flashlight

ID: 11608736 As low as $2.49