Desk Calendars

Custom Desk Calendar with Your Logo

Personalized desk calendars imprinted with your brand logo. Standing, test, or flat desk calendars in a variety of sizes, shapes, & colors! A useful gift!

Desk Calendars

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Customized Deluxe Memo Pad Desk Caddy

ID: 8284847 As low as $4.46

Imprinted Perpetual Calendar

ID: 9198146 As low as $1.75

Printed Perpetual Calendar

ID: 8175608 As low as $3.75

Promotional PhotoVision Memo pad

ID: 12913615 As low as $4.29

Personalized Full Size Desk Planner

ID: 8136263 As low as $4.35

Promotional Calendar Mouse Pad

ID: 10882407 As low as $2.13

Custom Calendar Tent Card

ID: 7382672 As low as $0.19

Printed Calendar Mouse Pad

ID: 10882412 As low as $2.22

Custom Keyboard and Monitor Calendars

ID: 10875822 As low as $0.20

Customized Keyboard and Monitor Calendars

ID: 12087608 As low as $0.13

Deluxe Desk Calendar

ID: 6736868 As low as $1.70

Printed Calendar Desk Pad

ID: 550451950 As low as $3.76