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Not just for mixed drinks anymore! We offer shakers and mixers for all your wants a needs. Want an after workout boost? Try our protein shakers. Want a delicious salad? We've got salad mixers. And, of course, we offer the tried and true cocktail shakers.

Shakers & Mixers

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Printed 3 Piece Salad Shaker Set

ID: 10390679 As low as $2.49

Customized Salad Shaker Set

ID: 12948470 As low as $2.88

Customized James Cocktail Shaker Set

ID: 12623096 As low as $29.98

Imprinted Martini Shaker Set

ID: 8175467 As low as $32.95

Custom 18 oz Shake It Up Bottle

ID: 11555672 As low as $4.99

Printed Shake It Up Salad Set

ID: 12870455 As low as $2.99

Customized Martini Shaker

ID: 12546301 As low as $32.95

Promotional 8oz Martini Top Shaker

ID: 8002207 As low as $2.27

Customized Martini Box Set

ID: 11636566 As low as $62.95

Personalized The Mixer

ID: 12966270 As low as $3.40

Custom Mr Chef cream mixer

ID: 10013699 As low as $6.50

Promotional Premium Cocktail Shaker

ID: 11430046 As low as $6.95

Personalized Martini mixer with stirrer

ID: 12346791 As low as $114.40

Custom 32oz Cocktail Shaker

ID: 8002206 As low as $3.53

Custom 16oz Pub Pint Shaker

ID: 13055334 As low as $2.75

Custom Martini Shaker Set w/ 2 Glasses

ID: 8373978 As low as $47.50

Personalized Mixer Pint

ID: 12953822 As low as $4.59

Promotional Shaker

ID: 9443506 As low as $2.15