Personalized Chocolates

Chocolate is universally loved (or perhaps universally hated for being so addicting), but they also make great promotional items because of the imprinting options. Not only can you customize elaborately decorated packaging, but you can usually imprint on the chocolate itself.


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Printed Chocolate

ID: 8498556 As low as $1.73

Personalized Griffin

ID: 10461367 As low as $6.00

Promotional Chocolate

ID: 8517810 As low as $2.00

Imprinted Jar with chocolate nuts

ID: 8540776 As low as $16.21

Printed Chocolate

ID: 8517818 As low as $2.48

Custom Chocolate

ID: 8523489 As low as $2.37

Promotional Goya Chocolate Bar

ID: 11595730 As low as $6.43

Imprinted Chocolate

ID: 8554003 As low as $7.53

Personalized Chocolate

ID: 8517795 As low as $4.24

Promotional Medallion Chocolate Tin

ID: 12886837 As low as $5.56

Personalized Chocolate

ID: 8517820 As low as $2.25

Customized Chocolate

ID: 12893512 As low as $2.49

Printed Chocolate

ID: 12886785 As low as $8.03