Custom Promotional Chairs

Every business has its fair share of "directors." Director of Marketing, Director of Business Development, Director of Directors (Just kidding! Well, kind of.). Why not remind everyone who the director is (as if such a reminder is needed, ha!) and give your fellow directors a special commemorative seat! Or perhaps you'd rather give them a folding chair they can bring along to sporting events and picnics to enjoy outside? Every time they plop down on their chairs with an ice cold drink, your recipients will be thankful that you bought them such a nice gift!


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Personalized Game Day Event Chair

ID: 8241919 As low as $14.83

Customized Game Day Lounge Chair

ID: 12948593 As low as $35.65

High Sierra Camping Chair

ID: 550075185 As low as $31.65

Customized Deluxe Folding Lounge Chair

ID: 12948617 As low as $30.25

Imprinted Tripod Stool with Back

ID: 12948610 As low as $19.98

Personalized Hunt Valley (TM) Event Chair

ID: 12948304 As low as $21.58

Personalized Mesh Camping Chair

ID: 12948598 As low as $21.58

High Sierra (R) Deluxe Camping Chair

ID: 550075212 As low as $58.65

Printed Folding Insulated Cooler Chair

ID: 8286027 As low as $22.76

Printed Deluxe Cooler Chair

ID: 8286016 As low as $18.62

Wellington Folding Chair

ID: 550133277 As low as $13.99

Printed Fanatic Event Folding Chair

ID: 550133264 As low as $15.74

Custom Wellington Event Folding Chair

ID: 550133332 As low as $16.19

Printed Go-Anywhere Fold-Up Lounge Chair

ID: 8747178 As low as $22.99

Imprinted Picnic chair backpack cooler

ID: 8858959 As low as $30.99

Imprinted Deluxe Spectator Cooler Chair

ID: 5728588 As low as $39.98

Imprinted Premium Stripe Reclining Chair

ID: 13087514 As low as $44.51

Custom KOOZIE (R) Chair Kooler

ID: 8096418 As low as $18.53

Personalized Mesh Beach Chair

ID: 8096448 As low as $27.31

Custom Premium Stripe Chair

ID: 10543956 As low as $29.05

Printed Adirondack Recliner

ID: 8096461 As low as $41.89