Carabiner Keychains

Promotional Carabiner Keychains

Need to carry a bunch of grocery bags at once? Use a carabiner! Need to attach your water bottle to your fitness bag or backpack? Use a carabiner! Need to attach your keys to your belt loop to free up pocket space? Use a carabiner! Can't find your carabiner? Buy a carabiner keychain so you'll always have one handy! Browse our selection for the perfect color and size carabiner to imprint your logo on and give out to your co-workers, clients, and new hires; they'll appreciate all of its uses!

Carabiner Keychains

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Imprinted Whistle Light/Key Chain

ID: 8241498 As low as $0.59

Carabiner with Split Ring

ID: 6198096 As low as $0.59

Printed Aluminum Carabiner Light

ID: 8240695 As low as $1.89

Printed Carabiner with Compass

ID: 8284646 As low as $0.99

Promotional Rectangular Reflector Light

ID: 9237389 As low as $1.29

Custom Flashing Reflector Light

ID: 8286396 As low as $1.39

Imprinted Carabiner

ID: 8284635 As low as $0.69

Imprinted Roller Carabiner

ID: 11566246 As low as $1.25

Imprinted Clip-And-Go Carabiner Key Tag

ID: 8214454 As low as $0.79

Customized Carabiner key tag

ID: 8255678 As low as $0.79

Promotional Web Strap Carabiner

ID: 8176599 As low as $0.79

Printed Bottle holder and carabiner

ID: 10489280 As low as $1.49

Personalized Carabiner with Compass

ID: 8176604 As low as $1.29

Custom PhotoVision carabiner

ID: 4906385 As low as $1.25

PhotoVision Premium Carabiner

ID: 550127565 As low as $1.05