Box Cutters & Utility Knives

Branded Promotional Box Cutters

Personalized box cutters & utility knives imprinted with your company logo. These custom box cutters are a practical tool giveaway for employees & customers that will get tons of use!

Box Cutters & Utility Knives

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Imprinted Cushion Grip Knife

ID: 12657122 As low as $6.00

Snap Blade Utility Knives

ID: 4916189 As low as $1.24

Imprinted Box cutter/scraper

ID: 11724446 As low as $1.40

Customized Gripper Knife

ID: 8544987 As low as $1.13

Customized The Utility

ID: 8228872 As low as $9.59

Printed Blade Runner

ID: 8544990 As low as $1.12

Imprinted Large Snap Blade Utility Knife

ID: 7196226 As low as $1.70

Promotional Utility Knife

ID: 7196228 As low as $1.45

Customized Small snap blade cutter

ID: 11724307 As low as $1.14

Imprinted Safety cutter key tag

ID: 11724303 As low as $1.42

Custom Retractable Utility Knife Key Tag

ID: 9419984 As low as $0.39

Custom Blade Runner Utility Knife

ID: 8544989 As low as $0.89

Imprinted Slim Snap Blade Utility Knives

ID: 550672792 As low as $1.01

Printed Pocket Tool

ID: 12452087 As low as $1.29

Personalized Box safety cutter

ID: 11724305 As low as $1.74

WoodPecker Box Buster

ID: 7386605 As low as $3.65

Personalized 2-in-1 marker/cutter

ID: 11724306 As low as $1.32

Promotional Ascent Utility Knife

ID: 11608654 As low as $9.90