Promotional Bandages

Help keep loved ones safe by giving away custom bandages. These useful promo items come in a variety of packages, including pocket cases, travel kits, and even convenient key ring kits. With so many variations, you have a lot of room to get plenty of exposure with your logo, while supporting a universal need - personal safety!


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Personalized Pill Box/Bandage Dispenser

ID: 8241660 As low as $1.10

Promotional Bandages In Plastic Case

ID: 8241662 As low as $0.89

Printed StaySafe Compact First Aid Kit

ID: 8212966 As low as $7.98

Promotional In The Clear First Aid Pack

ID: 9235641 As low as $0.79

Promotional Journey Pill/Bandage Case

ID: 9235644 As low as $0.99

Printed Scout Bandage Case

ID: 9235642 As low as $0.89

Personalized Sun Care Kit (TM)

ID: 8154480 As low as $1.17

Printed Protect (TM) First Aid Kit

ID: 8833258 As low as $1.97

Imprinted Links First Aid Kit

ID: 8154630 As low as $3.14

Printed First Aid Traveler

ID: 8154474 As low as $2.06

Printed Instant Care Kit (TM)

ID: 8154477 As low as $0.97

Promotional Pro Care First Aid Kit (TM)

ID: 8154505 As low as $4.34

Custom Family Medical Kit

ID: 8264256 As low as $11.65

Promotional Bandage Dispenser

ID: 13073369 As low as $0.69

Printed Vinyl Travel Kit

ID: 8264295 As low as $1.39

Custom Bandage Dispenser

ID: 13073475 As low as $0.92

Printed Express First Aid Kit

ID: 8264229 As low as $2.45

Custom Beach Bud Kit Vinyl Sun Kit

ID: 8264287 As low as $1.35

Custom Pocket Family First Aid Kit

ID: 8264684 As low as $3.50

Promotional Bandage Dispenser

ID: 8264096 As low as $0.59