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Branded Promotional Auto Tools & Safety

Promotional auto safety tools are the perfect giveaway for car mechanics, dealerships, tire shops, & other businesses in the automotive industry. If you want to show your customers and employees that you care for their safety, then branded auto safety kits and tools are the perfect promotional product for you.

Auto, Tools, & Safety

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Promotional Auto Safety Tool

ID: 10195725 As low as $2.09

Custom On-The-Go Car Charger

ID: 6583119 As low as $1.35

USB Dual Car Charger

ID: 7116308 As low as $2.79

On-The-Go Car Charger

ID: 6724321 As low as $1.40

Imprinted Auto Safety Kit

ID: 10391319 As low as $20.99

USB/AC Car Charger with Dual USB Ports

ID: 7394618 As low as $8.85

Swivel Car Charger

ID: 550082196 As low as $2.49

Customized Light Up USB Car Charger

ID: 12514900 As low as $7.52

Thunderbolt Dual USB Car Charger

ID: 550141258 As low as $6.98

Printed Dual USB Car Charger

ID: 10370306 As low as $8.98

Imprinted Ready In Case Auto Tech Kit

ID: 12948766 As low as $6.28

Customized Emergency Auto Kit

ID: 8284572 As low as $13.28

Customized Astro Key Light

ID: 11567915 As low as $1.79

Customized Rotate Car Charger

ID: 550054192 As low as $1.13

Custom Dual Car Charger

ID: 12646567 As low as $6.99

Customized USB Car Charger

ID: 10396749 As low as $4.99

Personalized Glogo (R) USB Car Charger

ID: 12973795 As low as $16.95

Promotional Auto Accessories Kit

ID: 12107971 As low as $9.79

Promotional Chargers Gift Set

ID: 12974466 As low as $25.98

Personalized Round USB Car Charger

ID: 12974340 As low as $6.98


ID: 12637644 As low as $7.99

Imprinted Automotive Car Charger/LED Light

ID: 10278018 As low as $21.99

Customized Beta Adapter Set

ID: 12940971 As low as $4.99

Custom Auto Safety Kit

ID: 13073301 As low as $11.99

Custom USB Car Charger

ID: 550149429 As low as $1.75

Customized Economy Auto-Light Kit

ID: 8175920 As low as $37.95

Printed Break The Ice Scraper

ID: 8056733 As low as $1.25

Imprinted Charged up portable power kit

ID: 10304507 As low as $28.00

Printed Dual-Port USB Car Charger

ID: 12884328 As low as $4.07

Imprinted Safety Flash Pedometer

ID: 9184210 As low as $4.74

Imprinted Light N' Sound Pedometer

ID: 12994014 As low as $6.00

Promotional Round Tape Measure

ID: 8056759 As low as $0.75

Custom Car USB Charger

ID: 9184472 As low as $2.28

Printed Flashlight & Siren Pedometer

ID: 8056565 As low as $5.04

USB Car Charger

ID: 6526666 As low as $2.55

Rocket USB charger

ID: 7187105 As low as $1.65

Personalized Pro Phone Accessory Kit

ID: 7434789 As low as $23.00

Imprinted USB Car Adapter

ID: 11479741 As low as $1.29

Printed Highway kit

ID: 9174918 As low as $31.61

Printed Car Charging Flashlight

ID: 12222849 As low as $6.85

Customized Auto Kit

ID: 12932906 As low as $17.15

Custom Tech Charge Set

ID: 550158147 As low as $21.95

Customized Tire Gauge

ID: 8153026 As low as $1.35

Promotional USB Car Charger

ID: 11702037 As low as $1.61

Power Mouse & Rocket Usb Car Charger Set

ID: 550551872 As low as $29.58

Imprinted Slim USB Car Charger

ID: 550664640 As low as $3.69

USB Car Charger on a KeyChain

ID: 550693317 As low as $2.54

Typhoon Car Charger with Auto Safety Tools

ID: 550450731 As low as $8.08

Personalized USB Car Charger

ID: 11369439 As low as $2.99

Lil' Sparky USB Car Charger

ID: 550310825 As low as $5.98

Goofy (TM) USB Car Charger

ID: 550310837 As low as $4.89

Printed Safety Vest

ID: 200140877 As low as $4.95

Dual USB Car Charger

ID: 550310234 As low as $4.50

The Beacon

ID: 6194926 As low as $9.99

Customized Deluxe Auto Kit

ID: 10349992 As low as $31.95

The Urgent

ID: 550031778 As low as $4.49

Printed Auto Kit

ID: 4895676 As low as $28.00

Promotional Emergency Lifesaver Tool

ID: 11565712 As low as $4.99

Imprinted Reflective Safety Light

ID: 550523595 As low as $1.25

Deluxe Travel Kit

ID: 550308424 As low as $12.59

Imprinted Roadside Auto Gift Set

ID: 8250401 As low as $15.60