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Cheap Promotional Products & Inexpensive Swag Items with Logo

With our low cost and inexpensive custom promotional items & giveaways, you can spend your dollars wisely and get your logo on creative swag for less. The prices maybe cheap, but the impact that your branded item can have is not. The power of promos can go a long way in impacting new and existing customers. Did you know that more than 3 quarters of people keep these marketing items for more than a year? Browse more than 100 items you can customize with your design at low price points. Our team is ready to help you build your brand today with quality swag, at a low price.  Small or large business can leverage swag to make a statement with their brand.


What are the Best Cheap Promotional Items & Giveaways?         

You do not need a huge budget to customize promotional swag to build your brand, get new customers, or pass out fun personalized products at your next event.  Promo products are an effective marketing tool with a great return on investment. The cost per impression can be as low as 1/10 of a cent! It is actually one of the lowest and least expensive marketing tools your business, organization, school, or church can have.  The recall of the brand of a typical swag giveaway is high - making your organization memorable.  Although we have thousand of options, our experienced team wanted to put together a list of the best value on cheap promos you can order.
1. Hand Sanitizers

Custom hand sanitizers have been one of the most popular swag items for years, and have only increased in popularity since the outbreak in 2020 of Covid-19. The CDC says washing your hands with soap and hot water is the best defense to stop the spread of virus and germs - but if that is not available they say hand sanitizer with alcohol manufactured with more than a 60% alcohol content is recommended.  Our 2 oz. Squirt Custom Hand Sanitizer, Item #00073-01 has 75% alcohol content and can be printed with your logo or design.  Click here for more customized hand sanitizers. 
2. Tote Bags

You do not need a big budget to get big results with tote bags.  They provide one of the best return on investments for your marketing budget.  Bags and totes are the number one promotional product for maximum number of impressions for your brand, with recent research showing on average more than 5,000 impressions.  They also give you a large imprint area to showcase your logo or design. We always recommend to our customers to make sure to use a strong contrasting color, so your brand stands out.  Our YaYA Budget Non-Woven Shopper Tote, Item #00311-01, is under $2 and is available in 22 colors to compliment your company, organization or school colors.
3. Custom Pens

They may not be the newest or most exciting giveaway, but pens continue to be the most popular promotional item year after year because they are effective - and mostly cheap! Nearly 9 out of 10 American households own some sort of promo writing instrument - and for good reason! The cost per impression for pens is less than 1/10th of a penny. These inexpensive items compliment just about any other swag product you can pair it with. One of our newest, and most popular pens is the Antibacterial Dart Pen, Item #04664-00.  This pen is a low cost and affordable item, with antibacterial treatment to help stop the spread of germs, virus, and even Covid-19. They come in 7 popular trim colors with an imprint area to put your design, website, phone number or logo on.  You can find more of our Best Promo Pens at the link.
4. Water Bottles

Water bottles are our fourth pick of a low cost, but highly effective promo for a smaller budget. More than 8 out of 10 Americans own a promotional drinkware item like water bottles. We have a large selection of bottles you can customize for less than $2 each.  One of our most popular bottles is the Economy 20 oz. Bike Bottle, Item #00004-12. It comes in a basic white bottle with 12 color options of the pull-top lid.  It starts at less than $1.50 for the minimum quantity, and has a large imprint area for your logo or design. The price maybe cheap but the value for this inexpensive and reusable giveaway is high.
5. Technology Themed Swag

Technology related swag has become the fastest growing product category over the past few years at USimprints.  With more and more Americans connected through their computer, tablets, and phones - the popularity of tech giveaways has only increased. You do not have to have a large budget to customize tech promos. One of our best selling items - especially with more consumers using their webcams for virtual meetings - is our security webcam covers. Our basic Security Webcam Cover, Item #02020-00, is our low priced option. It comes in 

How You Can Stretch Your Budget with Inexpensive Promotional Products.        

If you are looking to maximize your budget for your next marketing event, we have several tips on how you can save money on promotional products.  You do not have to sacrifice effectiveness with cheap and inexpensive gifts and giveaways.  We put together a few pointers for your next swag purchase.                                                     

1. Plan Ahead
One of the easiest ways you can save money is to start the order process sooner rather than later.  Begin by researching the best products that will fit your needs and timeline.  If you have "camera ready artwork" for your design that is vector, .eps, Illustrator, or a very high resolution .jpg, it will make the proofing process on your order go much faster. By ordering early you can avoid expensive rush fees or expedited shipping charges that can quickly increase the price of your promotional products.

2. Search for Closeout, Sales, or Discounted Items
Another way you can find cheaper swag is by finding deals on any merchandise that is on closeout, on sale, or discounted. You can reach out to your account manager at USimprints and they can help you find a deal. The only drawback can be that you may not be able to place a reorder for the item or purchase at the same price. 

3. Buy in Bulk and Save
You can also maximize your budget and get cheaper prices on swag by ordering in bulk. We recommend planning for up to 6 months to a year with your marketing budget by ordering a higher quantity to last longer. Take advantage of lower prices with quantity discounts and savings on shipping by placing a larger order - instead of smaller incremental orders.  You may also work with other departments at your organization to group ordering together to save.