What to Give the Person Who Has Everything – Custom Gift Ideas

Posted by Natalie Benz on Sep 10th 2019

Originally Published - July 8, 2013

Have you ever been faced with the question, “What do I get for the person who has everything?”

In my opinion, dads commonly fall into this category. My dad and father-in-law both seem to have everything they need. My dad has told me before that if he needs something he will just buy it himself. Every birthday, Christmas and Father’s Day we always seem to struggle with what to get our dads.

Now that we have a child this has gotten easier (a picture for his office, photo notepad, etc), but we still struggle from time to time about getting something for them that they will really like besides a boring shirt, tie or book.

Custom Blue Koozie

Last year for my dad’s 50th birthday we wanted to get him a neat gift. We started brainstorming and decided to get him some koozies made for his beach house. We found a picture of the house online and uploaded it into Photoshop. We played around with the photo until we finally got it exactly how we wanted it. We then added the address to it. It was perfect! We picked out a fairly cheap collapsible koozie and picked a few of his favorite colors. He absolutely loved them! We bring them down to the beach with our drinks every trip, and he likes passing them out to family and friends.

An assortment of custom koozies

Dad’s beach house made for a great logo

The next year we were again faced with the same dilemma. What do we give him?

Custom Stadium Cups with Last Name for the Logo

Simple and thoughtful. Plus the whole family can use these stadium cups

Every morning on his way to work he takes a Diet Coke to go in a cup. Over the years, the selection of random cups had some how dwindled, and he was tired of not having a simple cup to bring to and from work. He had mentioned once that he loved the acrylic tumbler, but he did not like drinking out of a straw. We decided to gift him some stadium cups. We simply put his last name on them in a really neat font, so that everyone in the family could use them.

When people try to think of something to give a family member or close friend, they commonly do not think to gift them a promo item.

Sometimes it is hard to visualize a tote, cup, or other product with a custom logo on it that you would want, and seeing a product with a custom logo on it does not always do a product justice. In my opinion, it helps to see real products that others have used to spur your mind on an idea. Promotional products make great gifts for the whole family. Everyone likes to have something customized whether it is sunglasses for your beach house, cups for your home, towels for your pool, or favors for your wedding or party.

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