Benefits of The Stress Ball


We all feel it, whether it’s caused by a special promotion or a tight deadline. Stress is the body’s physical response to intense thoughts, feelings and behavior. Whether positive or negative, stress is a very normal part of life.


Good stress compels the body to stay alert and motivated. Bad stress triggers a response commonly known as the “fight or flight response.” Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to this stress response negatively impacts the body on a physical and emotional level. Distress can lead to an array of complications such as:

  • Headaches
  • Upset stomach
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Chest pain
  • Insomnia

Unmanaged, stress is believed to ignite or worsen symptoms of disease.

Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response.

Source: Cleveland Clinic 2015

One of life’s tough lessons is that stress is inevitable. Our parents tried to tell us. But the problem is, kids don’t listen. It only takes a few decades (or maybe a few kids of our own) for all those lessons to come full circle. Now that we know stress can’t be avoided, the best thing we can do is learn how to manage it.

Insert the stress ball.

These handheld playthings may be small but they hold enormous potential in helping combat stress. Commonly found in workplaces settings, squeezing a stress ball has been shown to decrease anxiety, increase concentration and improve arthritis symptoms.

What does a stress ball actually do?

In regard to attention, brief diversions, like walking to the water cooler or squeezing a stress ball, actually help improve concentration. Forcing too much attention to a thought can actually cause that thought to disappear. Ever been in the middle of a really exciting idea and all of a sudden it just vanishes into thin air? Well, that is just your brain demanding a mini vacay. Honoring your brain’s request actually allows the original thought to return with a clear and fresh perspective.

The stress ball increases productivity.

One study looked at the productivity of sixth-graders who used stress balls in class over the course of ten weeks. Researchers found the students were less distracted, more attentive, and achieved higher grades on writing assignments. According to the students themselves, they reported a boost in their attitude, attention, writing abilities and peer interaction all because of stress ball use! Sounds like a breakthrough if you ask us.

Researcher Alejandro Lleras, from the Beckman Institute for advanced Science and Technology, believes it is unrealistic to expect people to focus at high levels for a long period of time and that it’s important to create an environment that allows small breaks. Having a basket full of custom stress balls in your break room is a great step towards creating a healthy environment for employees in the workplace.

The stress ball and arthritis.

One of the most common bone disorders worldwide, arthritis affects people of all ages causing joint inflammation and stiffness. It also impacts the bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles with no known cure. However, there are ways to keep it under control and live a full and healthy life. Regular exercise, particularly strength training, is one of the best ways to relieve pain caused by arthritis.

When arthritis finds its way into the hands, this is when exercise for the hands becomes extremely important. Stress balls are one of the most effective tools to help reduce the pain, lower inflammation, and strengthen the joints in the hand.

More than 54.4 million Americans suffer from Arthritis.

Source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention

I think it’s safe to assume, stress balls are one of the best ways to manage stress in the workplace. Available in literally (and we mean literally) any size, shape, theme, and color, it is certain to provide a quick solution for a stress-managed environment. Whether you’ve got a deadline to hit, or a frustrating customer on the other end of the line, squeeze out your stress with a personalized stress ball!