The Power of Packaging – Rethinking Your Shopping Bags

Do you own your own boutique, bakery, coffee shop, market, restaurant, or other type of retail spot? If you answered yes, then you should be familiar with the importance of branding.  Merriam Webster Dictionary defines brand as a class of goods identified by name as the product of a single firm or manufacturer.

Branding is so crucial to a company, and in reality it can almost make or break you. Your brand is much more than just a logo. It is your style, reputation, marketing techniques, and your packaging.

One of the most important factors I just listed is your packaging. In this day and age, packaging is huge. Packaging is sometimes a hidden factor as to why we buy something. I always find myself buying something (or almost buying something) just based on how the product is packaged. When you line up products on a shelf, my eye goes to the one with the best packaging. It may not be the best product, but it will be the one I usually try first.

Kraft Shopping Bags

Packaging plays a huge role in branding

Shopping Bags and Last Impressions

The same holds true with your company’s shopping bags. A shopping bag is the final mark you make on your customers.

Lululemon Athletica is my favorite example of this. Before I had ever heard of Lululemon or stepped in their store, their reputation and their reusable tote bags preceded them.

Lululemon's red shopping bags

Lululemon’s famous red shopping bags

My roommate in college was always carrying around their polypropylene tote to class, the gym, or home for the weekend. The first time I made a purchase in the store, I was almost as excited about my yoga pants as I was the shopper it came in.

As much as I love the polypropylene totes though,  I am not exactly partial towards them. They work well for Lululemon, but I do not think they are a perfect fit for every shop or store.

My personal favorite are brown kraft shopping bags.

Kraft shopping totes have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They are so simple, that your logo can really stand out. Not to mention, they are super cheap when buying in bulk. Some company’s do not seem to realize the importance of personalizing the shopping tote. You want to do everything you can to capture your customer, and this includes how you send them home with your product(s). The shopping tote is the last impression you can make on a customer.

Cloth & Crown Kraft Paper Shopping BagBattle Sparks Kraft Shopping Bag

If I haven’t convinced you already, you can probably assume that I have a passion for all things packaging. Although I do not own my own store (that is only a dream of mine), presentation and packaging gifts is one of my favorite things to do.

I love the brown kraft shopping bags for gifting and party favors. At most parties, you are having to buy in bulk. Unless you only have a handful of guests, it is often hard to give everyone something super pricey to take home with them. How you package the gift can make it seem like it is even more than it actually is. By putting your wedding or party logo on a kraft bag, you have managed to simply and effectively personalize your favors.

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