Creating Special Memories with Personal Wedding Favors – The Story of Our Wedding

There are few actual unforgettable moments in our lifetime.

Wedding favors made our wedding even more unforgettable

Wedding favors made our wedding even more unforgettable

August 6, 2011 was one for the books. It was our wedding day. A day we stood before God and our closest family and friends and declared our love for one another. Since we met at the beach, it seemed only fitting that we get married there. I am a Texas native, and he is from Nashville so it only made sense to tie that knot in the place where it all began.

It was beautiful, but an oh so hot summer evening in the beach town where we met, got engaged in and pretty much fell in love. A night we will most certainly never forget. When I think back on that night of things I would have done differently there are few things I would have changed. I could have been a little more creative here and there and done this and that, but in my mind the wedding was flawless (other than the ambulances but that is another story).

One of the things I love having to reminisce our wedding day (other than the pictures obviously) are my treasured wedding favors. Wade and I drew out a logo a few weeks before the wedding, and then my crafty soon to be husband made the sketch come to life in photoshop. We tweaked it here and there until we created the perfect logo. The key to the perfect logo is to make it personal.

Since we were having a wedding at the beach, we wanted to create a logo that tied into the beach theme. We had seen a bag that we really liked with a bike on it. We decided to use the bike as our starting place.

We were trying to think of other things that reminded us of the beach. YOLO boards are very popular in Watercolor, so we decided to add a YOLO board to the logo. We wanted to keep the text fairly simply stated. We did both of our first names with a little “+” sign in between to keep the logo informal. Under our names, we added the location followed by the date. After debating on what seemed like a million fonts, our logo was complete. Now all we had to do was pick a few products from the thousands of choices. Easy, right?

We made decisions based on who we are as a couple. We wanted our personality to prevail, and for our guests to take home a reminder of the fun had.

An unforgettable day, my wedding

Putting It All Together

We knew we definitely wanted to give our guests a tote. I had already decided I wanted to choose a natural cotton canvas tote which helped me narrow down my options. After ordering a few samples, we chose the All Purpose Tote Bag. It was a great size, sturdy and didn’t look cheap.

All Purpose Tote Bag - the final product

Our finished logo on our gift tote

We didn’t want to give our guests an empty bag, so we picked a couple of personalized products to go inside the tote. Our first pick were custom stadium cups. Stadium cups are cheap, yet a crowd pleaser. We decided to get enough so that each family could have 4. We ordered some polypropylene gusseted bags from ULINE to package the cups. We finished them off with twine. I love going to our family and friends homes and see them pull out the plastic cups.

Four custom stadium cups, polypropylene gusseted bags, and twine

These cups were our first pick for our gift tote

Our second pick was a journal. We figured our guests could document their trip or just might like having a little journal to throw in the purse or bag. We wanted to do a little something different, so we decided to create another logo. We had seen these neat signs in a shop at the beach that listed all of the streets in the town. Instead of listing the streets of Watercolor, we designed the logo to list streets that were important to us. We listed the streets that we grew up on, as well as streets that were sentimental to our dating life. We chose a lined pocket bound journal book, and had the artwork debossed on the front.

These journals were our second item that came in our wedding totes

Personalized with streets we grew up on

We still wanted to fill our bags a little more and added a few other non-promotional items. I wanted to add a small token of the sea, so I bought a large bag of shells and some small plastic bags. I packaged three shells in each bag and sealed them with washi tape. I also included some postcards that I made from scenic pictures taken down at the beach over the past few years.

Since it was a destination wedding, I really wanted to include a mix CD for those who made the road trip. I searched through our music until I narrowed down to 16 of our favorite songs. I printed one of our engagement pictures on the CD itself and had a sleeve customized. Lastly, I included a map of the area with a list of all of our favorite places in the area. Most people would be staying a couple of days after the wedding, so I wanted them to have a little direction if they had never been to the area before.

The last items in our wedding bags - postcards, seashells, and a mix cd

We finished things off with a personal touch

Our custom CD cases

Custom CD sleeves for our personal mix CDs

We also gave our guests a pair of custom sunglasses. This was by far my favorite favor. Instead of putting them in bags, we decided to put them in a basket near the dance floor. We had a blast on the dance floor wearing our sunglasses. We did a one side imprint, and decided to keep the logo super simple. We did our first initials with a “+” in the middle followed by the date 08.06.11.

They were a huge hit. If you are planning a wedding and can only do one favor, I highly recommend the sunglasses.

Custom neon sunglasses were a hit

Neon shades were a dance floor requirement

There are endless options when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding favor for your special day. We picked favors that made sense for the location, season and time of our wedding. We didn’t want to give our guests a meaningless favor. We made decisions based on who we are as a couple. We wanted our personality to prevail, and for our guests to take home a reminder of the fun had.

Here is the complete set of items conveniently in one place on our Polyvore account

Share your own custom wedding favor ideas with us! Share any ideas on the comments below, on our Pinterest board, or even make your own collection on Polyvore.

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