How Valentines Day Can Rekindle Your Customer Relationships

Flame Going Out

A new customer relationship is a beautiful thing. They’re happy. You’re happy. Everybody’s happy. But maintaining customer relations takes hard work.Even if nothing goes wrong, relationships can still deteriorate. It doesn’t take long for customers to grow bored, lose interest, and move on. And detecting when relationships are going stale is easier said than done. It’s not … [Read more...]

How to Measure ROI for Experiential Marketing (It’s Easier Than You Think)

Return on Investment

The goal of experiential marketing, or any type of marketing for that matter, is to increase sales. We all want a return on our investment, right? Otherwise marketing would just be a fun way to waste a lot of time and money.When it comes to experiential marketing, though, it can be especially difficult to measure the sales generated by a campaign. If no clear link ties the … [Read more...]

Only the Smartest and Best Will Read This! – What You Might Not Know About Flattery and Persuasion

A flattering dude with a rose in his mouth

For marketers, Robert Cialdini's Six Principles of Influence are as common knowledge as addition or subtraction.Reciprocity Commitment and Consistency Social Proof Liking Authority ScarcityWith their powers combined... (excuse the 80's/90's kid reference)Tucked away in these 6 basic tools of persuasion are a lot of tricks and tactics that everyone … [Read more...]

Unbelievable Experiential Marketing Success Stories


In today’s world it’s safe to say we are all bombarded with a ridiculous number of advertisements from sunrise to sunset. One study claims that the average person encounters up to 5,000 marketing messages per day. While I do question the accuracy of such a wild declaration, it nonetheless successfully demonstrates an obvious (and yet, not so obvious) reality: more than ever, … [Read more...]

5 Incredibly Simple Ways to Improve Online Presence and Customer Experience

5 Incredibly Simple Ways to Improve Online Presence and Customer Experience

For many businesses, the Internet can be as confusing as a tomb full of hieroglyphics.It's common for small businesses to ignore the Internet altogether. My dentist doesn't even have a website or e-mail contact.Other businesses at least cover the bases: website, e-mail, social media pages, but having these things does not automatically translate into an impact on your … [Read more...]