A 2 Million Dollar Lesson, Free of Charge

A 2 Million Dollar Lesson, Free of Charge

"Are you afraid that if you go to prison, you'll get your hair cut?"It was arguably the best question asked at one of the most bizarre press conferences ever, as well as the only relevant question asked in what was, officially, a press conference about hairstyles in the 1970's.To government officials and the media, it was a mockery of what had ballooned into a … [Read more...]

Case Study: Why April Fools’ Day Marketing Pranks are No Joke

Solo Cup Cubicle Prank

Every April 1st, companies are given a free pass to get a little cheeky and join the rest of the nation for some April Fools’ Day fun. Brands like Google, Toshiba, and Funny or Die are regular participants in the tomfoolery and, no doubt, have a great time pulling off these jokes. But do April Fools’ Day marketing stunts actually pay off? Should brands lighten up and show more … [Read more...]

Customer Service Lessons: Amex


Credit card companies are notorious for offering abysmal customer service. Year after year the credit card industry ranks among the lowest in customer satisfaction. As a result, cardholders condition themselves to expect very little from a market dominated by under-performers.Standard practices are so bad it’s laughable (and extremely depressing):Long call center wait … [Read more...]