The Only Way to Cold Call: No Selling

Cold Calling Phone

In a recent post examining the true meaning of inbound marketing I proposed that successful marketing “has infinitely more to do with the execution than the marketing channel.” Certain channels may be better suited to particular messages, audiences, and industries, but every single marketing channel can be a conduit for delivering value. And cold calling is no exception. Stop … [Read more...]

Data driven or data drivel? The search for the missing data footprint

Data Hunt: The Search for the Missing Data Footprint

Let's take a look at this entire idea of data. More specifically, let's look at how we are using data to inform business and marketing decisions.I'm going to wind my way about the entire thing, starting with the mass spread of data in today's world, segueing into identifying where the data world and the marketing world suffer from connection issues, and hopefully taking a … [Read more...]

Inbound Marketing is Dead

RIP Inbound Marketing

Yep, that’s right. Inbound marketing is dead. And no, this isn’t some gimmick headline. Inbound marketing really has gone the way of the dodo. Sad day.But before discussing the cause of death, let’s take a moment of silence to pay our respects and reflect on the life that was taken from us too soon. Here are three beautiful statements made by industry leaders about inbound … [Read more...]

What are the most effective promotional items?

USImprints Malibu Sunglasses

When I tell people that I work for an advertising specialties company, the conversations almost always culminate in the same final question: what promotional products work the best?It’s a good question. People want to know what they should buy when they need some custom imprinted swag. And I always respond with the same answer: it depends.Everyone hates that answer, but … [Read more...]