How An Obsession with Metrics Can Hurt Your Brand

Measure Once, Cut Twice

Throughout my entire life I’ve had tummy troubles. Even from a young age, I remember regularly suffering from a number of not-so-fun symptoms (some of which are also not-so-fun to discuss, if you know what I mean).Despite the ongoing discomfort, I simply learned to deal with an irritable stomach. But a few years ago my condition had worsened to the point that I could no … [Read more...]

21 Ways to Convince Customers You’re Not Boring


Technology is a wonderful thing. Personal computers, the Internet, and Smartphones have revolutionized the way billions of people disseminate and access information. Despite constant advances in technology, our appetite for how quickly we can share and consume this information is never satiated; smarter processors, new apps, and better Internet connections are never quite fast … [Read more...]

How Customers are Bankrupting Your Business


Every company needs customers to stay in business. No customers means no sales; no sales means no revenue; and no revenue means no business. But customers don’t just come out of the woodwork the second you set up shop.No, you have to spend money to attract prospects and convince them to become customers. You have to “buy” customers.There’s only one problem. You Can’t … [Read more...]

5 Strategies to Turn Your Brand into an Industry Icon

Leader of the pack

Is there anything brands would love more than a fanatical, cult-like following of customers? That kind of support brings profitability and, perhaps more importantly, consistent revenue to help outlast the worst of droughts. Unfortunately, there’s no exact formula for becoming the Kleenex, Chapstick, and Coke of your industry. And trying to artificially dub your brand “iconic” … [Read more...]

The Only Way to Cold Call: No Selling

Cold Calling Phone

In a recent post examining the true meaning of inbound marketing I proposed that successful marketing “has infinitely more to do with the execution than the marketing channel.” Certain channels may be better suited to particular messages, audiences, and industries, but every single marketing channel can be a conduit for delivering value. And cold calling is no exception. Stop … [Read more...]