Does Your Brand Have an Identity Crisis?

Identity Crisis

Who happened to see this Comcast commercial? (Turn up your volume; it's a little quiet)Anyone else throw the nearest object at the screen and yell, “Lies! All lies!” upon hearing such blatant falsehoods?If not, then you must be one of the lucky few to have evaded the plague that is Comcast customer service. When Comcast says it cares about its customers and instead … [Read more...]

Are you dating your customers or are you just pals? Understanding Consumer-Brand Relationships

A nice illustration of a handshake

If you're familiar with Craigslist infamous personals section, then you've heard of missed connections and casual encounters.If not, well, you can probably piece together the context (or go find out for yourself).One thing that decades of studying has proven is that brands and consumers enter in real, often long-lasting relationships with each other. Every … [Read more...]

The Ingredients of a Memorable Logo

The Ingredients of a Memorable Logo

Logos. They're kind of like the molecules of society. Everywhere we turn, there are logos. They are ubiquitous. They are vital, but, consciously, they are practically unseen.We might hardly notice them in our conscious lives, yet we still are able to connect these simple symbols with the companies, brands, countries, causes, concepts, and any other entity they … [Read more...]

How Valentines Day Can Rekindle Your Customer Relationships

Flame Going Out

A new customer relationship is a beautiful thing. They’re happy. You’re happy. Everybody’s happy. But maintaining customer relations takes hard work.Even if nothing goes wrong, relationships can still deteriorate. It doesn’t take long for customers to grow bored, lose interest, and move on. And detecting when relationships are going stale is easier said than done. It’s not … [Read more...]